Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge in Windows Vista / Windows 7

If you want to play Red Alert 2 and Yuri Revenge in Windows Vista or Windows 7, please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Right click on these files
 - Ra2.exe
 - game.exe
 - mph.exe
 - mphmd.exe
 - RA2MD.exe
 - YURI.exe

And then apply this settings:

"Run this program in compatibility mode for" > Windows 98/Me
"Privilege Level" > Run this program as an administrator

Red Alert 2 compatibility settings

Step 2:

double click (open) game.exe -> select allow
double click (open) gamemd.exe -> select allow
double click (open) mph.exe -> select allow
double click (open) mphmd.exe -> select allow
UPDATE : or just turn off User Account Control :) Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control On or Off

to start RED Alert 2, open Ra2.exe
to start Yuri Revenge, open YURI.exe

no more " ***FATAL***String Manager failed to initilaized properly "

but there is one more problem, you can't play multiplayer mode bacause there is no IPX protocol in Windows vista UPDATE 1: You can play Red Alert 2 on LAN on Windows Vista read this Play Red Alert 2 on LAN on Windows Vista / Windows 7

At December 24, 2009 9:44 PM, Anonymous said...
thanx for your help!
i did what you said, but it takes no effect.there are 2 exe files in that directory: game.exe and ra2.exe .
the game starts an i can hear the music and the sounds of the start menu, but the screen keeps black.
i have vista home premium 32 bit with latest updates.

At January 21, 2010 7:57 PM, Anonymous said...
i posted on 24.dec and i found a solution to run red alert 2 on my vista home premium 32bit pc.
i found it while searching for another solution to play diablo 2 on my pc wich won't work too.
i downloaded a reg-fix that enables direct draw, wich was disabled in the directx 11 version.
if nothing other helps you can try to download this:

i'm sorry for my bad english, but i hope i could help some people with this, because nothing from here helped me with my problem.

Thanks a lot anonymous :) download link for enabledd.reg: