Keyboard and Touchpad on my laptop stop responding after wake up from sleep status

I'm still confused about this.... When my aspire 4710 wake up from sleep status, the keyboard and the mouse stop responding, this is happening in windows XP, Vista Home Premium, and Vista Business. I think this can be happening in another version of windows like Vista ultimate or even Vista Home Basic.

When I close the lid, the laptop will sleep, this is the default setting on windows vista, and when the laptop wake up, keyboard and touchpad stop responding, but not the mouse... I'm still able to use it. I tried to restart the laptop, but it cannot boot up again, nothing appears on the screen. Just the LED on the power button still on.

Power buttons settings

I hold down power button for several seconds, to force shutdown the laptop. I press the power button again and hope that the laptop will able to boot up again. No.. It can't boot again, until I remove the battery and insert it again.

I send an email to Acer about this, but Acer customer service don't reply my email. I think there is a BIOS problem (maybe....) By the way, my BIOS version is 1.02

Do you have the same problem with me?