Problem Solved : Keyboard and touchpad not responding on Aspire 4310 and 4710

First I would like to thank F.Torres9 for his comment on this post, it's really helpful. If you don't understand what I'm talking about please read this post. My problem on Acer Aspire 4710 (and 4310) finally solved. 

Now keyboard and touchpad still work and responding well after sleep (stand by). Like F.Torres9 said, when you install windows do not install camera driver, just install the application for the camera, not the driver. You can use default drivers for windows. You may have to reinstall windows, it will not work if you just uninstall the device from device manager.

usb video device in device managerUPDATE :
You may try to use Roll Back Driver feature, Open Device Manager > double click on CrystalEye > click "driver" tab > click Rool Back Driver

 USB Video Device Properties

Tested and working! :) I hope future release of the camera driver will solve the problem. But I think I don't need this driver, there's no difference (image quality) between camera driver from Acer and the default camera driver from Windows.