How to Update Acer BIOS

My notebook (Acer Aspire 4710) has problems with shutdown and restart process. When I uninstalled Crystal Eye driver from device manager, shutdown problem was solved and I can shutdown my Acer notebook smoothly. But my notebook still has restart problem, it's always failed.

When I open eSettings Management from Empowering Technology, I see that my BIOS version is v1.02. Acer website says that BIOS update is available for my Aspire 4710, so I believe this problem are caused by the outdated BIOS on my laptop. I decided to update the BIOS firmware. Follow these steps to update Acer BIOS:

BIOS v1.02
Step 1:
Download BIOS update then extracts it...
Caution! Different Laptop series = Different BIOS
Click this link to download the compatible BIOS firmware for your laptop.

update BIOS availableStep 2:
To update the BIOS, double click on VLV-110.exe, WFlash will show a warning :

"The current BIOS will be replaced by another one. Choosing the wrong BIOS file may render your system inoperable. Please close all other applications before updating the BIOS. Are you sure you want to update the BIOS ?"

BIOS WFlash files
Click OK to continue.

Update BIOS step 1
WFlash will automatically update the BIOS. Wait until it finish and your computer will restart automatically.

Update BIOS step 2
Finally my BIOS is v1.10 and I can shutdown and restart my notebook smoothly...

BIOS v1.10
From Acer 
: Flashing the wrong BIOS can cause harm to the system. Acer recommends that you should only upgrade your firmware/drivers if you have been instructed to do so by an Acer Customer Care representative. By using these firmware/drivers you agree to accept the possibility of product failure. Use at your own risk