Acer GameZone

If people around you have an Acer laptop, then you will often see "Acer GameZone" stickers. But, not many people really know what Acer Game Zone is. Acer GameZone is a game package that is included in the preinstalled OS on Acer laptop. So if you buy an Acer laptop without a preinstalled OS, you won't get this Acer GameZone. Thankfully, Acer provides a download link for it :

Acer GameZone v1.2 :
  • Big Kahuna Reef 2
  • Cake Mania
  • Dynasty
  • Galapago
  • Luxor 2
  • Mystery Case Files - Prime Suspects
  • Mystery Case Files Ravenhearst
  • Star Defender 3
  • Treasure of the Deep
  • Zuma Deluxe 
Acer GameZone shortcut 

Screenshot of Acer GameZone (when "loading...")

Acer Game loading
Acer GameZone in VistaAcer GameZone work well in Vista (and XP)

But... This is not free ... Do you see that "Time Remaining".... Yes, Acer GameZone is a trial software, you have 60 minutes (every one game) to try it.

Acer GameZone screenshot
Acer GameZone screenshot
I hope Acer will give us a free Acer GameZone... Maybe someday...

Anonymous said...
mine says go online also. u have to go ere 4 online games
the games u got on ya computer dont expire if u load them from
c:/Program Files/Acer GameZone/
open ya game double click (exe) or application
they dont expire..

Thanks ! :)