Merge and Hide a Compressed File (Zip or Rar) into an Image File

Many of us have sensitive files in the computer. And if you share your computer with other family member you have to hide those files.

You can use some third party applications available on the internet. But actually you can hide your secret files without any third party application, nor by changing the file attribute to hidden, but by disguising it into an image file. First, you need to compress the files using 7-zip or Winrar to zip or rar files and then merge the compressed file with an image file. For example I have two files, secret.rar and rose.jpg and located in C:\, to merge these two files please follow these steps:


JPG file=

JPG and RAR marged

Step 1:
Open command prompt, click Start > Run... > type cmd > click OK

run CMD
Step 2:
Type cd\

Step 3:
Type copy /b rose.jpg + secret.rar secret_rose.jpg

command prompt

Step 4:
Press Enter, it will create secret_rose.jpg file

command prompt

When someone open secret_rose.jpg, it will open up rose.jpg inside secret_rose.jpg and Windows will use the default picture viewer to open the file. To open compressed file inside secret_rose.jpg simply rename it to secret_rose.rar and the extract it.