How to Edit Boot.ini on Windows XP

Anonymous said...
First, thanks to you.
It works fine for me, installed successfully. However, now every time I turn on my computer, it has two options to select in order to continue:
1. Start with window xp
2. USB repair ....

How can I get rid of that, so every time I turn on the computer I don't have to press enter.

(Install XP from USB Flash Disk)

After installing Windows XP using a USB flash drive (Komku-SP-USB) in some cases this message will appear when you turn on your computer:

Select the operating system to start
Please follow these steps to get rid of those messages:

Step 1:
Open Command Prompt.... Start > Run.. > type cmd > press Enter

Step 2:
Type cd\ and press Enter

Step 3:
Type start notepad.exe boot.ini and press Enter

Step 4:
A notepad window will appear, and then change timeout=30 to timeout=0


Step 5:
Save it, now you can close notepad, restart your computer.

Save the boot.ini changes Yes.. It's just that simple...
So, what's the difference between editing boot.ini using notepad and msconfig utility ?
On msconfig, it is impossible to set the timeout to 0.