Install Microsoft (UAA) High Definition Audio Class On Windows XP SP3

John said...
I'm John and i have a brand new 5720z with win sp3 ....everything is working excepting the sound driver... i have tried so many drivers but nothing... can anybody help me plsss

Anonymous said...
Anyone successfully getting the XP audio drivers to work on 4390G with XP Pro SP3?
I have no problems with the rest of the drivers except the AUDIO. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

michael said...
i have an extensa 7620z, that came with vista and i reinstalled xp home sp3 on it. i have everything working except sound. this model came with bluetooth (i don't use it) and that is all the device manager recognizes. are there any drivers to make the sound work? your help will be greatly appreciated

Luke said...
I'm using XP SP3 for my 4920.
I have downloaded & tried the realtek R1.97 , R2.03 & R2.05 but i still cant hear any sound also i have an unidentified PCI device.
Thnx in advance for the help.

Some visitors of this blog have a sound problem after Windows XP (SP2 and SP3) installed on their laptop. This post (Acer Sound Problem - How to Solve it) will solve sound problem on Windows XP SP2, on Step 3, you need to install kb888111, but this message will appear when you try to install it on Windows XP SP3 :

KB888111WXPSP2 Setup Error Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of this system is newer than the update you are applying. There is no need to install this update.

KB888111WXPSP2 Setup Error
Please follow these steps to install Microsoft (UAA) High Definition Audio class (kb888111) on Windows XP SP3 :

Step 1:
Click Start > Run... > type regedit > click OK

run regeditStep 2:
and then double click on CSDVersion

regeditStep 3:
Change CSDVersion value data from 300 to 200 then click OK

edit DWORD Value

edit DWORD ValueStep 4:
You can close regedit window and then please restart your laptop.
Now you can install KB888111 on your Windows XP SP3

KB888111 Installation wizard

Microsoft (UAA) High Definition Audio class (KB888111) setup window on XP SP3