Benefits and Risks of using Custom Domain on Blogger

If you are a blogger who uses the service of, you must have heard the term "custom domain" quite often. Blogger custom domain feature that has existed since 2007 allows us to use our own domain name like and no longer use the address of

But, is it better to use a custom domain? It can be yes and no...  A blog that uses the custom domain has impression of more professional and therefore it is easier to get subscribers. However, it does not mean that a blog using domain is worse. It all depends on the design and content of the blog, but anyway custom domain can be a positive value.  

Blogger Custom Domain



In my opinion, there is no huge difference in terms of SEO. But then, with changes in search engine algorithms which concern more on social sharing, custom domain plays an important role because people prefer to share a website or blog that looks professional and nice.

Note: beyond all the advantages, custom domain is also at risk of SEO problem. For you who have a blog with domain name and the blog has already had a good rank in search engines, you should think twice before using this custom domain feature in blogger. Indeed, the transition process from the old domain to the new one is fast enough, 1 or 2 days, but the ranking update in Google database will be long enough, it could be in 2 months or more. And for those 2 months, the position of your blog in search engine will drop dramatically. The rank that goes down means no visitor, meaning no money is earned. This blog also has experienced it, but now, finally the traffic from search engines has come back to normal.  


The use of custom domain gives a sense of security for you because you can transfer your blog to another platform, such as self hosted Wordpress. Why is it important? Since we only use a free service from bloggers, they can at any time remove our blog - although I suspect 99% that they will not do blog removal unless it is absolutely against the rules applied by the blogger. But, when it happens, you can just direct the domain to a different hosting server and then build a blog with prepared blogger backup from before, with the same permalink of course, so it does not damage your search engine rank. From the explanation above, you can determine whether your blogspot blog will use a custom domain or not. And for me myself, if I make a blog at I will definitely use a custom domain. Here's a guide on how to use a custom domain in blogger with some well-known domain registrar: Godaddy, Namecheap, 1and1, No-IP