Create a Simple Contact Form For Any Website Using Google Drive

There are many instructions available on how to create a simple contact form for Blogger blogs. But most of contact form created are unable to send the visitor messages to the blog owner's email. Blog owners should frequently open Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) to check if there are messages from visitors.

Yes, maybe you can receive notifications in your email when a change has been made to your spreadsheet in Google Drive, but it's still a bit inconvenient because you can't read the message directly in the email. That's why in this post I will explain how to create a simple contact form using Google Drive that can really send the message directly to your email. So you no longer need to go to Google Drive just to check messages from visitors. And of course you can use this contact form on Blogger blog or any other website like Wordpress or even a simple pure HTML website.

Blogger recently launched its own official contact form. If you want to create a contact form for your Blogger blog (blogspot) follow this link:

Step 1:
Go to Google Drive and then log in to it. Click Create and select Form.

Google Drive

Step 2:
Type "Contact", choose a theme for the contact form, and then click OK

Google Drive Choose Title and Theme

Step 3:
  1. On question title, type "Name" > select Text on question type > check on Required question > click Add item
  2. On question title, type "Email" > select Text on question type > check on Required question > click Add item
  3. On question title, type "Message" > select Paragraph Text on the question type > check on Required question > click Done
Google Drive Add Questions

Step 4:
Now click Choose response destination

Google Drive Choose Response Destination

Step 5:
Select New spreadsheet > Click Create > wait for a few seconds

Google Drive Create a new spreadsheet

Step 6:
Click View responses, a new tab will open.

Google Drive View Responses

Step 7:
Clik Tools > Script Gallery...

Google Drive Script Gallery

Step 8:
Type formemailer > Click Search > Install (Make sure it's developed by hgabreu)

Script Gallery

Step 9:
An authorization popup shows up > Click Authorize
Don't worry, this script is safe, developed by Henrique Abreu

Google Driver Authorization popup

Step 10:
You can close the internal window

Google Driver

Step 11:
Click FormEmailer > Install

Google Driver Install FormEmailer

Step 12:
Select a language > click Install

Google Driver Install FormEmailer

Step 13:
Click Tools > Script editor..., this will open a new tab

Google Driver Script Editor

Step 14:
In script editor tab, Click Resources > Current projects triggers...

Google Driver Current Project Triggers

Step 15:
Click Add a new trigger > timeDriven - Time-driven - Minutes timer - Every minute > Click Save
You can close the script editor browser tab

Google Drive Current Project Triggers

Step 16:
Back to spreadsheet browser tab, Click FormEmailer > Settings

Google Drive FormEmailer Settings

Step 17:
You can edit the email, subject, etc. And then click Save and Close
You can close the spreadsheet browser tab

FormEmailer Settings

Step 18:
Click File > Embed...

Google Drive Embed the Contact Form

Step 19:
You can copy the html code to your blogger page or any website

Embed the Contact Form

For Blogger, Dashboard > Pages > New Page > Blank page > paste the contact form code in HTML mode. Blogger contact form example: Yes I know my contact page seems weird because the background color is not the same as this blog, but it's certainly not a problem if your blog has a white background.

To make it perfectly integrated with your Blogger blog's theme, you may remove the form title "Contact" and then replace it with a space. You can give it title "Contact" using Blogger's page editor.

Remove the title

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