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How To Setup Blogger Custom Domain With Namecheap

Many users of want to use TLD (Top Level Domain) or Custom Domain to replace their blog address ( Many of them have difficulty in configuring custom domain in Blogger, especially for those who register their domain in Besides the absence of clear guidance from Blogger for Namecheap registrar, there are also a lot of tutorials on the internet that are not applicable anymore because there are some changes from Blogger in the configuration of the Custom Domain. Here is the latest guide in how to setup a custom domain for your blog at with Namecheap as the domain registrar (updated on July/24/2014):

Register domain that you want in Namecheap. You are free to use .com .net .org .info or whatever you want. This time I use domain .info

register your domain with namecheap

How To Use Filters to Forward Certain Emails In Gmail To Another Email Address Automatically

Gmail's filter is one of many great features in Gmail that make us easy to manage the incoming email. Using filters you can automatically forward certain incoming emails to other email addresses based on some specific parameters like From, To, Subject, Has the words, Doesn't have, Has attachment, and Don't include chats.

On May 2013, I wrote about how to create a Blogger contact page using the official contact form. The contact form is official from Blogger so all messages from the contact form are being sent to the Gmail email associated with the Blogger account, but some visitor of this blog wants the messages are not being sent to the connected Gmail email, but to the another email address (either Gmail or non-Gmail email).

I actually got it fixed, but I now need to know how to switch the email address that the contact form goes to. I want to change this from my gmail to my new personal domain email Rebekah Rose
I have set the forum up, thanks. However the messages are being sent to my Gmail Account but then not forward on to the email i have set up. Can you help with this? Karl Young

You can't change the contact forms recipient's email because Google doesn't provide us with some email settings that we can change. But of course you can use the filter feature in Gmail to automatically forward all incoming emails from the Blogger's contact form, and because all messages sent from Blogger's contact form has the same title, we can use the Title (subject) parameter to identify the emails need to be forwarded to.

email subject

For example, all messages sent from Komku's contact form have the same title [Komku | Technology Blog] New Message received. so we can use the title parameter to filter this email. Please follow the steps below:

How to Host JavaScript or CSS Files on Google Drive

Many bloggers use a custom template for their blog and a custom template sometimes requires an external JavaScript file, but sadly we can't host the JavaScript or CSS file on Blogger because Blogger only allows us to upload images and videos.

Previously, most bloggers would use Google Code ( to host these files because Google Code's project hosting feature is very simple to use and free. But since Google announced that they are deprecating almost all download options for Project hosting on Google Code, we have to switch to Google Drive as recommended by Google itself.

Starting today, existing projects that do not have any downloads and all new projects will not have the ability to create downloads. Existing projects with downloads will see no visible changes until January 14, 2014 and will no longer have the ability to create new downloads starting on January 15, 2014. All existing downloads in these projects will continue to be accessible for the foreseeable future.

If your project is using downloads to host and distribute files and has a need to periodically create new downloads, we recommend you move your downloads to an alternate service like Google Drive before January 15, 2014. Google

Actually it is not so hard to use Google Drive, just create a folder, upload the JavaScript file (or any other file like images, videos, documents including PDFs and Microsoft Office files) and then change the file's sharing settings from "private" to "public on the web", or simply change the folder's sharing settings from "private" to "public on the web" and all files inside that folder will have the same sharing permissions, but the tricky part is getting the proper direct link for the JavaScript or CSS files, so we can use it on the blogger template. Please follow the steps below to host your JavaScript or CSS file using Google Drive:
Note: This feature will not be available after August 31, 2016.

Method 1

With this method you can get the proper link with the file name:


Best Blogger Templates 2013 Part II

As we all know, the design of your blog is the first impression of your visitors and that's why you have to select your blog's template very carefully because some visitors could have just closed the tab or browser's window if your blog has a very poor design and heavy to load. You can use the default Blogger template, but if you want a more unique design, you can modify the template source directly or simply download any third party templates.

I know it takes time to find high quality templates. Previously, I made a list of 20 best blogger templates created between January 2012 and January 2013. And in this post you will find 20 most beautiful blogger template created between February and June 2013. Hopefully this post will save time for anyone intending to change their blog's template.

Musimag Blogger template

1. MusiMag by SoraTemplates ( DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

How To Create a Contact Page Using The Official Blogger Contact Form

Previously I wrote about creating a simple contact form for Blogger using Google Drive. The contact form is quite powerful because you can change the required data, the blog owner's email and the email display format. But, there is a disadvantage, you cannot modify the form design using your own CSS because the contact form is in an iframe and the domain is different.

On May 16 2013, Blogger introduced its new official contact form gadget (widget). However, contact form on the sidebar is very unusual, because many professional blogs put their contact form on a specific page, but with a little more effort you can actually create a contact page for your Blogger blog using the official contact form gadget and the most important is you can styling the contact form using your own CSS. Please follow these detailed steps below:

Step 1:

Click Layout > Add a Gadget, a pop-up window will open

Blogger Layout

Step 2:
On the pop-up window click More Gadget > Click Contact Form > Click Save

More Gadget

Create a Simple Contact Form For Any Website Using Google Drive

There are many instructions available on how to create a simple contact form for Blogger blogs. But most of contact form created are unable to send the visitor messages to the blog owner's email. Blog owners should frequently open Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) to check if there are messages from visitors.

Yes, maybe you can receive notifications in your email when a change has been made to your spreadsheet in Google Drive, but it's still a bit inconvenient because you can't read the message directly in the email. That's why in this post I will explain how to create a simple contact form using Google Drive that can really send the message directly to your email. So you no longer need to go to Google Drive just to check messages from visitors. And of course you can use this contact form on Blogger blog or any other website like Wordpress or even a simple pure HTML website.

Blogger recently launched its own official contact form. If you want to create a contact form for your Blogger blog (blogspot) follow this link:

Step 1:
Go to Google Drive and then log in to it. Click Create and select Form.

Google Drive

Google+ Comments Problem For Blogger With Custom Domain

I installed Google+ plus comments yesterday. I did so because the Google+ commenting system looks promising and offers full integration between Blogger blog and Google+.

But now, as you can see, this blog is no longer using the Google+ as commenting system and back to Disqus because apparently Google+ comment form not showing up on an older post. I've found the explanation about this case. There's a warning on Google+ comments help page:
Changing your blog's URL will cause existing Google+ Comments to disappear. If you're considering moving to/from a custom domain or changing your blog's URL, you should do so before you enable Google+ Comments.
Because this blog does not use a custom domain from the very beginning and then consequently Google+ comments does not appear on the articles posted when this blog was still using blogspot sub-domain. So if you ever change your blog address either a simple blogspot sub-domain change (e.g. changed to or a custom domain (e.g. changed to Google+ comments form and existing comments will not remain visible on your older blog post.

Google+ Powered Commenting System For Blogger

A website or blog will not be complete if visitors cannot post a comment. Those comments really helped us to determine the topics that we will write in this blog. Blogger blog already has its own default commenting system, but now many blog owners use third-party service such as Facebook or Disqus because their system has a better connection with social websites. Now, Google is also making a new Google+ powered commenting system that you can use in your Blogger blog.

Yonatan Zunger, Principal Engineer at Google announced that "Starting today, you can bring Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog. Once you've enabled the feature through your Blogger Dashboard, you'll enjoy a number of important benefits"

If you decide to use the Google+ commenting system on your blog you will see activity from direct visitors, and from people talking about your content on Google+, so if there's a public discussion about one of your blog posts, those comments and replies will also appear on your Blogger blog.

Google Plus Commenting System

With this new commenting system, your visitor will now have two options, comment publicly or privately to their circles on Google+. And when your visitors browsing blog comments, they have the choice to view all comments, the top ones, or only those from their circles.

Blogger Ad Code Converter Tool

Most of the ad code that you paste directly into blogger template will not work. Maybe there will be no error message when you save the template code changes, but when your blog page loaded in the browser, there are no ads appear.

What's really going on here? Adsense, Chitika or Amazon ad code is a javascript code in which there are some characters that cannot be used directly in the blogger template. You must change these characters into XHTML entities before being put into the template (Template > edit HTML). You can use the tool below to convert ad code automatically. Paste the ad code and then press the "Convert Ad Code" button:

13 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2013

Responsive theme is a theme or template that can automatically adjust the width of the browser or device resolution, making it easier for visitors to read the content. Responsive theme is rarely used in blogger, this is because bloggers already have a default template for the mobile user.

If you want a different design than the default mobile template, you can use one of the 13 responsive templates below. Make sure you set your blog does not display the default mobile theme but still showing "desktop template" when opened from a mobile phone. Here is a list of the 13 best free templates responsive for blogger:

pinfinity responsive blogger template

1. Pinfinity Responsive Blogger Template by SoraTemplate ( DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

innovative responsive blogger template

2. Innovative Responsive Blogger Template by
BloggerBin(DEMO | DOWNLOAD) 

20 Best Blogger Templates 2013

Do you want to create a new blog in this early 2013? There are many options of blogging platform and one of the most famous is Blogger. But unfortunately the default template from Blogger still feels less attractive.

Blogger template or theme determines the first impressions of visitors. Initial impression of visitors to a blog or a website comes from the design template of the blog. If the template that is used is an ordinary or it uses the default template with no modification at all, blog visitors will judge the blog to be less professional. Here is a list of best free templates for Blogger made in 2012 and early 2013 that could make your blog more attractive and look professional:

1. SUNRISE Blogger Template by SoraTemplate ( DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

Metrominimalist Blogger Template

 2. Metrominimalist Blogger Template by Johanes ( DEMO | DOWNLOAD )

Benefits and Risks of using Custom Domain on Blogger

If you are a blogger who uses the service of, you must have heard the term "custom domain" quite often. Blogger custom domain feature that has existed since 2007 allows us to use our own domain name like and no longer use the address of

But, is it better to use a custom domain? It can be yes and no...  A blog that uses the custom domain has impression of more professional and therefore it is easier to get subscribers. However, it does not mean that a blog using domain is worse. It all depends on the design and content of the blog, but anyway custom domain can be a positive value.  

Blogger Custom Domain



In my opinion, there is no huge difference in terms of SEO. But then, with changes in search engine algorithms which concern more on social sharing, custom domain plays an important role because people prefer to share a website or blog that looks professional and nice.

Note: beyond all the advantages, custom domain is also at risk of SEO problem. For you who have a blog with domain name and the blog has already had a good rank in search engines, you should think twice before using this custom domain feature in blogger. Indeed, the transition process from the old domain to the new one is fast enough, 1 or 2 days, but the ranking update in Google database will be long enough, it could be in 2 months or more. And for those 2 months, the position of your blog in search engine will drop dramatically. The rank that goes down means no visitor, meaning no money is earned. This blog also has experienced it, but now, finally the traffic from search engines has come back to normal.  


The use of custom domain gives a sense of security for you because you can transfer your blog to another platform, such as self hosted Wordpress. Why is it important? Since we only use a free service from bloggers, they can at any time remove our blog - although I suspect 99% that they will not do blog removal unless it is absolutely against the rules applied by the blogger. But, when it happens, you can just direct the domain to a different hosting server and then build a blog with prepared blogger backup from before, with the same permalink of course, so it does not damage your search engine rank. From the explanation above, you can determine whether your blogspot blog will use a custom domain or not. And for me myself, if I make a blog at I will definitely use a custom domain. Here's a guide on how to use a custom domain in blogger with some well-known domain registrar: Godaddy, Namecheap, 1and1, No-IP