10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for the Upcoming Blizzard

Winter Wardrobe

Decorate the silence of the snowy season

Enjoy the hot brewed coffee with the colors of iris blue

Open your wardrobe and introduce the hues of chicness

Revamp your wardrobe the snowflakes give you a clue

Alas! The snowy days are here. While there is great excitement for snowflakes and blanketed roads, there is also great dread for the upcoming blizzard.

Well, there is at least one thing that you don’t have to worry about: your wardrobe to help you get through the blizzard. That’s right, and we got you all covered!

Winter wardrobe frenzy: Getting it right!

If you want to avoid getting frostbite, make sure you have all these items at home. These will help you stay warm and, of course, cute!

The most important thing about winter clothing is layering. We tend to mess up that part often. You have to wear all your clothes on top of other clothes; it is the only way to survive the season. But do we often turn out to be looking like a human snowman?

The Winter fashion holy grail!

Yes! To avoid that, here is the ultimate fashion guide to getting you through any blizzard that is going to come. Get ready to stay warm and effortlessly ritzy.

Below are all the essentials for a perfect winter wardrobe:

1.   Leather Jackets

The best thing about leather jackets is that you can wear them over any dress, be it formal or informal. You can get them in any color, and they will not disappoint you in keeping you from the cold.

If you are in for risks, giving a pop of pink in your all-black winter outfit would be an amazing idea! That’s right, folks. This beautiful, chic,and classy pink leather jacket is one of the many options of leather jackets available.

It can be used as the outer layer with either shirt, hi-necks, or any sorts of clothing inside. Add the funky touch.

2.   Winter Boots

Trust me, when you are preparing for a blizzard, do not go for the simple black boots. You have to save yourself from the snow as chugging along in ankle-deep snow can be a real challenge!

Let us include you in secret; winter is only cute on postcards! Don’t get it wrong, it can be lovely for you, but you need to be prepared for the “T.”Therefore if you have these warm, waterproof snow boots,then you’re good to go!

A recent survey by Toronto Rehabilitation Institute that on an average, there are 20,000 people affected by slip and fall accident due to poor boots. And further investigation proved that hardly 10% of the boots meet the safety standards.

We advice stay fashionable but be safe!

3.   A Thick Faux-Fur Jacket

What is winter without any fur?

If you have got any faux-fur jackets sitting in your closet, then get them out already! You need to be prepared for the blizzard, and the sheer thickness of the fur jacket will offer you plenty of protection from the cold.

These jackets add texture to your outfit, and if you want to be stylish, you can pair a colorful fur jacket with a black winter outfit. While you are shielding yourself from the blizzard, you will also be shielding yourself from a fashion disaster.

4.   A Fur Scarf

Let’s not make the scarves feel left out! If not a fur jacket, you can always opt for a fur scarf. It is cozy, classy,and can make your simple outfits glamorous in an instant.

Keep in mind, turtlenecks can only fight half the battle with the cold,while scarves have the potential to keep you warm from the chilly weather once you wrap them around your neck.What are you waiting for then? Spring? (Rolling eyes)

5.   Leather Pants

Believe it or not, leather pants are cool! They are way cooler than your average pants. Pair them with literally anything, and voila, you got yourself an outfit. These pants cannot be replaced with other jeans, and they are that cool!

Take out any fur coat you have and a pair of boots, and oh, do not forget the leather pants. What do you get? Protection from the blizzard, of course, but is it stylish protection? Definitely!

6.   Wool Coats

Do not forget the classic wool coats that you will need for the upcoming blizzard.

Want to look cute and warm? Go for a neutral-toned wool coat; gray, black, olive, etc.

If you’re going to have that polished, sophisticated look, a long wool coat that covers your legs will keep you pulled together but warm.

But you know that you do not always have to look sophisticated, right? Well, no worries, there are a variety of coats available, and their length can be spotted in their styles, such as military coats, trench coats, or velvet coats. Pick what you feel is right for you!

7.   A Good Pair of Gloves

Would you rather scrunch up your hands inside your sleeves or keep them inside your pockets? The answer should be none! When are gloves going to serve their purpose?

Make sure you get some awesome, tech-friendly gloves because when you are standing out in the cold and calling an Uber, you really would not like your hands to be exposed to the chilly weather. However, if you are looking for something fuzzy, mittens are fun and warm.

8.   Plenty of Sweaters

We have talked about coats and jackets already. Did we forget about the sweaters? No way! Winters are here, and you know that sweaters are the coziest. You can wear sweaters on sweaters to keep yourself warm during the upcoming blizzard.

One good thing about them is that they are available in almost every color, so you do not have to worry about a sweater not matching your outfit.

9.   Earmuffs and Beanies

Or if you do not care about hat hair, then a beanie would be perfect! Now, do you want most of your body heat to escape from your head? I’m sure not. So be smart and keep your ears and head covered.
Once your ears are cold, it’s all downhill from there. If you get a cold-weather induced headache, you know how bad it can be. Do not hesitate to put on some oversized earmuffs then.

10. A Parka

If you are venturing out in a snowstorm, do not leave your parka at home. A parka is a large, windproof jacket that will certainly keep you warm, and you cannot get better than a parka when it comes to protection and comfort in the harsh weather.

The length, hood, and the waterproof shell can shield you from the wind and the snow.

Final Word

The blizzard can be on its way, but with our guide, you are blizzard ready. The guide helps you use your existing closet items and layer and wear smartly to combat the weather.

 So gear up and face the snow with a lively smile!

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