5 Ways to Increase Free Followers on Instagram

Increase Free Followers on Instagram

Today we need a guide that explains how to increase the number of free followers on Instagram in order to achieve good results over time.

These tips are valid for everyone. You can decline them with respect to the activity of a company but also of a freelancer, or maybe an influencer who has decided to make money online with their online brand.

1. Join some free and secure project
As a start I would like to introduce you a free and secure project—GetInsta

I have been using GetInsta for some time and here below are the main features.

– It’s 100% safe and clean with no virus;

– The best thing is it’s totally and unlimited free. You can get as many followers as you want by keeping using it;

– The followers are 100% real and active users, high-quality free followers and likes

Increase Free Followers on Instagram

GetInsta is also a easy to use app. You can get a lot of free Instagram followers by just 4 steps:

  • Download GetInsta and sigh up an account for it
  • Add into one or more Instagram account
  • Earn some digital coins.You will be gifted some coins when signing up and adding the Instagram account. You can earn more by doing tasks.

Increase Free Followers on Instagram

  • Publish your task to get free Instagram followers or free Instagram likes.

Try GetInsta now to get 1000 free Instagram followers trial

2. Enter the right hashtags on Instagram
These labels characterize your posts with clickable keywords anticipated by a hashtag

What happens if you put a hashtag on your Instagram post? Simple, that content will be present on the page that collects all the contents that have made the same decision.

This means that entering the right Instagram hashtags allows you to be present in the searches and interests of people who search for certain topics. How to use these labels? Just putting random words between the hashtags? Or maybe insert the most used ones?

No, the best way is to also enter 10 or 20 hashtags: you can put a maximum of 30 but they are almost always useless. Use these elements to describe the topic of a topic in simple words. Escaping from those terms so widely used but so generic as to represent nothing.

3. Geolocate your photos on Instagram
An interesting tip: when posting a photo, always add the tag to geolocate the photo. So those who are interested in that location can look for it and find your contribution. So you have more opportunities to increase the number of followers and followers on this social network.

4. Collaborate with other Instagrammers
This is a decisive point. Do they call you to attend an event or presentation? You have to participate, prepare the slides and enter your Instagram username on each screen. Do they ask you for an interview?

Add the link to your account. You join a blog
A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper”, or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …
tour? You are there, even the budget
At least at the beginning it is like this: you have to collaborate a lot and with the right people to get more visibility and bring new followers.

5. Use badges and widgets on WordPress blogs
The profile must always be with you. You ask me how to increase followers on Instagram? Start adding an icon in your blog footer or header.

You can also embed, when needed, your photos in the pages of the online diary or website. Why is it so important to follow this solution?

In this way, in addition to showing the visual, you also highlight the follow button. But if you want to improve the result you can even insert your Instagram feed on the WordPress blog, perhaps in the sidebar. Or anywhere else you find it useful for your editorial project.

The reason is simple: this way people who come to your blog or website see your work and decide whether to follow you or not. This leads to a continuous and controlled increase of followers interested in your shots.

Try all the methods above right now and you will surely get hundreds of free followers for Instagram in a short time

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