7 Kitchen Gifts to Add to Your Gift Registry

If you’re looking for gift registry ideas then either you’re getting married or someone close to you is getting married. So, if you’re in the thick of planning a wedding, all I can tell you are brace yourselves, ‘because it’s only going to get crazier. But one thing that you should make some time for that people generally neglect is your gift registry because unlike popular belief it requires a lot of thought and planning. The most common and the most necessary things required for your home that should be on your gift registry are kitchen related items.

So, here are 7 kitchen gifts that should be on your gift registry (if you don’t already own them.)

#1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

This one is every baker’s dream. Every baker dreams of owning a kitchen aid stand mixer. So, easy to use and definitely a must have if you’re into baking as the appliance works wonders and is easy to clean too!

#2. Coffee Maker

A decent coffee in the mornings is a necessity and should not be a luxury. So, add the coffee maker that you’ve been salivating over and give your friends and family the option to give you something you love. Add that beautiful and coveted Nespresso machine that’ll make all your coffee dreams come true without an ounce of guilt!

#3. Pasta Maker

When you’re adulting a good pasta maker becomes a necessity ‘cause to be honest carbs are bae! Life may have its ups and downs but a good bowl of pasta can help you solve any problem. A must have in every millennials gift registry trying to adult!

#4. A good knives set

If you love cooking then you’ll surely understand the importance of good knives. If you’re an ameteur cook, then trust us, good knives are a must. Every recipe has its own nuances and knife skills are a significant part of it. So, jullienne your way into good food by adding a good knives set to your gift registry!

#5. Dutch Oven

This is another no-brainer when it comes to your kitchen. A dutch oven has many uses and is infinitely flexible. You can use it to get the perfect roast or oven use it to bake the perfect fluffy loaf of bread. It’s a handy and very versatile item to own and you’ll definitely thank us if you add it to your gift registry!

#6. Pots and Pans

They’re the most basic things you can own. But since you’re starting a new life together, wouldn’t it be best to have new pots and pans? So, add the pots and pans combos from brands you love and make life easier for everyone!

#7. Juicer/Blender

Last but not the least, a juicer/blender is a kitchen essential. A lot of millennials are into healthy smoothies and protein shake trend, that’s catapulted this kitchen appliance into one of the best sellers. Not only that, they are essential to many recipes and are a must-have in your kitchen as well as your gift registry!

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