8 Reasons for choosing the SMS gateway services

bulk SMS gateway

Using SMS gateway services is one of the best options for a small or big business to market the business with very low costs. In case one is new to SMS marketing then this field is very beneficial for him and has a lot of potential to market the products and services. Following are the benefits and the reasons behind choosing such services:

Number one: the high open rate: As compared to the other marketing tools Bulk SMS marketing has a very high open-rate. The SMS sent is open within 10 minutes of sending it whereas only a fraction of email is opened by the people when it is sent to them. Most of them are delivered into the spam box.

Number two: A very high conversion rate: with the SMS One can get a very high amount of conversion as compared to all the other marketing tools. In today’s era where there are many marketing apps people still prefer to stick to SMS communication. Especially the B2C consumers have a very high conversion rate as compared to all the other platforms.

Number three: Very inexpensive: the advertising involves huge expenditure in the form of the sources. The bulk SMS service is considered very budget-friendly and economical as compare to all the other sources like billboard advertising, television advertising and magazine advertising.

Number four: It’s very effortless: sending an SMS does not require any kind of qualification or professional degree. Any person who owns the mobile can send a message to the consumer from marketing. One can any day start with the SMS campaign which is more reliable and more effective.

Number five: very easy reach: this is the simplest way to reach any consumer using an SMS. Even the people who do not have any internet connection can also be reached using this service and the dependency is very low. One can reach a large number of consumers using this service as compared to all the other platforms.

Number six: a wide appeal: There are more than four .77 billion users of the mobile worldwide. There is a huge market for such humans so that they can be targeted in the best possible manner. People are very used to do things using the SMS service and they always prefer that SMS is the best mode of communication.

Number seven: high speed: under the email marketing One has to log in and one needs an internet connection to create the whole thing and in the advertising, there is requirement of huge budget but both of them are not required in the SMS service and as per the statistics more than 98% people read the message within 10 minutes of sending it. This will help in providing a lot of benefit to the company as well as to the consumers.

Number eight: personalization factors: these things can be personalized to in case one wants to send a specific message to a specific person one can do this. One can achieve the use level of rationalization using these services.

Therefore the bulk SMS gateway is considered to be the best service in the field of marketing the products to the consumer.

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