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Buying large home appliances is a one time investment. Therefore, you must always ensure that it’s done right. Moreover, while buying an appliance, several questions pop-up in our mind like if the brand is trustworthy or not.

At that time, we end up relying on our relatives and friends who has bought something from a brand before. However, as said earlier, buying an appliance is not a regular thing. Therefore, you must pay a good attention to ensure a satisfactory purchase.

Furthermore, you cannot blame anyone for a wrong purchase. Hence, you must make your own decision for choosing a brand. Therefore, to help you with a brand selection, we’ve compiled a list of brands that currently dominate the appliance industry.

Lastly, consider this resource as a reference and choose your desired brand according to the facts and information shared here. Therefore, without waiting anymore, let us begin the rundown:

  1. Samsung

As you already know, Samsung is a leading IT industry that deals with electronics. Moreover, now it is a global top ranking brand. Samsung has already stepped into the appliance industry with their glass breaking and revolutionary technology.

It deals in several home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and even air conditioners. Therefore, you can always rely on the name for all your appliance needs. With a brand like Samsung, you can always expect a safeguard for your purchase.

  1. LG

Since the 21st century, LG is catering the globe with its cutting edge electronics. It is a highly popular brand in India and people trust it blindly for home appliances like TV, refrigerator and washing machines.

It is true that Life’s good when a brand like LG is with you. Even though it is based in South Korea, it has a great presence in various countries across the globe, especially in India. Therefore, you can blindly rely on LG to get quality-centric appliances.

  1. Bosch

When it comes to technology and services, nothing can beat the competency of Bosch in India. With a long lasting presence of 69 years, you know that your investment is in the right hands. Bosch has a total 18 manufacturing sites in India.

Bosch aims to make your life easier through its unparalleled, reliable, and appealing solutions. Therefore, it’s not a new thing to witness it releasing newer technology and features in its collection of home appliances.

  1. Hitachi

Being the pioneer of technology, Hitachi is dominating the appliance industry in India since the 1930s. This company aims to provide high-quality and low budget products to its customers. There’s a subsidiary of this company that operates in India and the parent company is still situated in Japan.

Hitachi develops several home appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, and chillers. Their products are always cost effective and ideal for a budget-friendly purchase. Therefore, if you are looking for great technology at cheap rates then there’s no match for Hitachi.

  1. Whirlpool

Through the global expansion strategy of Whirlpool, it entered the Indian market in 1980. Earlier, they were partnered with the TVS group and opened their very first manufacturing unit in Pondicherry. After that, they’ve never looked back in progress.

Currently this company is headquartered in Gurugram and leading the home appliances market in India. They are well-known for their amazing washing machines and refrigerators. They continue to grow their appliance business with several other products.

  1. IFB

IFB works on a single motive to ease your lives with their automated solutions for nearly every tedious task. From washing your dirty laundry to cooking tasty food, IFB has automated everything with their cutting edge technology and innovations.

IFB is operating in the Indian market for over 3 decades as of now. Therefore, they certainly know how the job of satisfying their customers is done. Moreover, they are highly reputed in Indian market and are praised for their great technology.

Not to mention but they were the ones to bring the first ever front loading washing machine in the Indian market.

Bottom Line

Buying good appliances might be hard but with these companies, it’s just a cakewalk. However, your work just doesn’t end here and there’s still a lot more to do. You need to consider various ups and downs for your choice of appliances. However, you can consider any kind of buying guide for home appliances to make it easier for you. That’s all we have for today.

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