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A person ceases when the body parts do not function properly or if any organ is damaged. But, according to spirituality, they believe that the person has completed his journey of life and is taken to the heavenly abode for judgment. But, the family members are struck with grief because they lost their beloved member in the family. But, unfortunately, they cannot sit down in a corner weeping for hours because they should carry the body and attend funeral. They should also perform the rituals for specified days. Although, this moment is sorrowful, they should gain the strength to perform their last duty. Usually, after the person ceases, the close relatives and friends begin to gather in the place. Then, they carry the body and place in the coffin. The people visiting the place pay homage to the body. Then, shortly, they arrange for the van to carry the dead body. Then, the body is taken to the graveyard and funeral is performed.

The role of service providers for carrying the body

The service providers arrange for the funeral by deciding several issues. Within a shorter period, the family members should decide about several issues such as safe custody of valuables, disposal of ashes, donating organs, feeding people, distributing assets, etc. So, the service providers help the family members to handle several issues. The family members cannot decide properly about these issues because they are struck with emotions and are unable to get relieved from them. Somebody should console them and give them courage so that they feel stress free. So, the service providers are reliable people who help them at every stage.

Carrying the body in the van

The body should be carried away in the hearse van and this van should be arranged as soon as possible. Before taking away the body in the van, the family members decorate the body with flowers, festoons, and the woman is decorated with jewelries also. The hearse van is sometimes decorated in a luxurious way. They provide different types of packages to different people. Some of them who are economical are provided with most economic packages, the people who can afford to pay higher amount are provided deluxe packages.

The body is carried away in the hearse van and taken to the graveyard in the funeral. They use the hearse van to carry the dead body to the graveyard. Then, in the graveyard, some mantras and songs are chanted by the priests. Then the body is subjected to cremation. Some people believe in cremating the body, whereas some people burry the body. They decide the location of disposal.

So, the family members should book van for dead body shortly after the person ceases. So, many people wish to book online. So, they arrange for the van to take the dead body and dispose it as soon as possible. Although, the family members do not intend to leave the body, they should cremate or burry it to protect the environment.

So, they should book van for dead body in advance so that they can perform the last rites on time. All the rituals should be performed on time and the family members feel relieved.

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