Causes of Fungal Infections on the Skin

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Our environment consists of so many plants, animals, microbes, organisms etc which we can see or touch. Clean environment is the healthy environment; we eat, drink, inhale or exhale in the environment.  Deforestation or cutting of plant also caused many skin related infection or disease. More the number of trees present around you, healthier you will inhale. If you are around dust, microbes or pollution you will inhale only polluted particles through your nose which will cause further respiratory problems. There are so many fungi, bacteria or other microbes present in our surroundings; we can see only some of them. Some are so tiny or even invisible who cannot be seen but can be felt. Many of the skin infections are caused due to the fungus present in our body. Some of the fungus is already there in our body when we inhale the tiny pores. Best fungal infection cream in India is available to treat the fungal infections.

Fungus is present almost everywhere in the environment around us. Many a times they are so small that we cannot even see them with naked eye, we need a microscope to see them. Many fungi are present in the soil, or in the air that we inhale or in our own body. Yes you heard it right, fungi is also present in our body. Excess of fungi or the harmful fungi may cause so many problems and infections to the body. The problems associated with fungi are asthma, infections on the skin, fungal infections on nails, rashes, lung infections or skin infections etc. now the question is who is prone to these fungal infections, the answer is people with weak immune system. Anyone can get this fungal infection or disease but if the frequency of happening of infection is more then it may be due to your weak immune system.

A fungus is present in the environment in which we live or breathe so that is why it is very common to have fungal infections. We inhale fungi and that do not make us sick every day, but sometimes due to other factors we get easily affected. Many infections are caused to the person with the weak immune system. They are not only prone to fungi infections but also to the other bacterial or viral infections in the body. Some people are born with weak immune system and some people’s immune system become weaker due to the other medications or injections that they have taken. People with organ transplant, suffering HIV, cancer patients, people taking drugs or undertaken a serious surgery are having weak immune system. There are so many fungal infections which may be caused by the fungus present in your body. Athlete foot is also a common fungal problem which may be caused by the moist or sweating near the foot. The ulcers on the corners of lips, ringworm etc may cause itchiness, redness on the skin. Antifungal creams for skin in India can be used to treat fungal infections.

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