Choosing the Best Thermometer for Kids

The first and most important indication of an infection is often a high body temperature or fever. Especially in the case of babe who cannot express their discomfort, a fever can help determine a problem. A fever that lasts longer than 3 days is often considered an indication to visit a doctor, and a temperature of 104 F in babies can cause long-term problems. For these reasons and more, parents are encouraged to pick the best thermometer for kids to see a tab on the body temperature. 

A good thermometer that is easy to use and provides accurate readings is essential. 

There are now many different varieties of thermometers available in the market, ranging from digital stick ones to infrared ones.

For Babies Under 3 Years 

For babies who are under Artha age of 3 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that a rectal thermometer offer the most accurate readings. Usually, this is not the first choice, First the temperature is taken at the child’s armpit. If it happens to be more than 99 F, it is rechecked rectally. 

Best Thermometer for Toddlers over 3 Years 

For babies above the age of 3 years, oral temperature can be taken. It is often a little difficult to have a child stay still for the thermometer to pick up the temperature orally. In such cases, an ear thermometer  may be used as an alternative. However, while to offers an accurate reading, using and especially positioning it carefully can be a challenge. Also, in some cases the temperature comes out to be different in both the ears. 

A baby forehead thermometer is another option that works like a temporal artery thermometer. Such thermometers have the capacity to read the infrared heat waves that an artery running along the side of the head releases. But they only work as an initial check and the readings often need to be correlated separately.

Digital Stick Thermometers

A digital stick thermometer is the most popular and common thermometer that has the most sales all over the world. These also happen to be very cheap. A good digital thermometer would have a decent LCD screen that helps read the temperature easily. It has an easy to use start and stop button to record and display the body temperature. Many of these variants also make a beep sound to indicate a completed reading. 

Digital thermometers work on regular cells or batteries. The batteries should be replaced if the reading is fluctuating or is not very clear. 

Lastly, with the advancement in technology, there are flexible thermometers available that do not feel uncomfortable when put in the mouth or under the armpit. It may be more convenient to use a flexible tip thermometer for babies since they Dre not rigid and do not poke. Adults may use either, and rigid tip ones are usually cheaper option.

Whatever the make or choice of thermometer, the most important aspect is user comfort. Two to three readings should be taken to reconfirm all initial readings when using a thermometer. 

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