Choosing the Right Catering and Event Planning Services

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While catering and event planning companies have made organising an event very easy, it is still a task to find the right one. Hiring a person or company for catering event planning need not be a huge problem. It is possible to find the right people for the job by simply keeping a few points in mind.

Determine the Need 

Before searching for event planning and catering services, it is necessary to identify the goals and objectives of the event being planned. The budget, the atmosphere and the overall feel of the event need to be clear before an outsider is involved in the planning of the event. It is important to have these things in mind since they will help communicate the broad structure of the event. Once the objectives are clear, one can start developing ideas on the theme and message the event is supposed to follow and convey.

Once these things are decided, then comes the budget. This budget will go a long way in helping determine the event planner who will be hired. Since the planner will work on the food, decor, guest lists and entertainment, a basic budget should be put in place.

Find the Event Planner

It rarely matters if the event being planned is a corporate one or a social one, the basic arrangements remain the same. One needs to hire someone who is an expert in the field and follows the latest best practices of event management and catering. One way to find a good deal is to follow the word of mouth route, where you take recommendations from people you have known. This can then be neared down by looking for a company which has a good reputation and has a portfolio of different events that they have put together. One can ask for leads by asking the local hotels, business convention centres and community centres for recommendations.

Interviewing the Applicants

Once the word is out that an event pawner services are required, most companies and individuals will self-represent and ask for a meeting. One can narrow down from these options by giving out only brief details about the event, and hearing the planners out. An initial round of interviews will help elect candidates who are on the same page about the type of event being planned as well as the budget that can be allocated.

Once the initial interviews are done, one can short list three to five companies or representatives and take things forward from there. Asking questions about the business and their experience is the first step. A good event planner will be able to create a step-by-step systematic approach to cover the objectives of the event and give some idea about the timelines and budget. Add to this the general guest count and personal preferences, and one can get a fair idea of what to expect from the event planner.

Once a second list of shortlisted candidates is created, it is time to look at their references and get testimonials from people who have hired them previously. 

Making a Choice 

Once a planner has been chosen , it is time to create a comprehensive and detailed plan for the work to be done. This is when all ideas come together, and timelines are created on which basis the work will be covered.

Budgets and More 

Before the actual work begins, event planners will ask for the advance, and there may also be some contracts or documents that need signatures. One should be careful here and not agree to anything on a whim. If needed, a lawyer should be able to go over any contracts.

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