Different Types of SEO Service in India Useful For Business Sectors

SEO service in India

Search Engine Optimization is a part of your basic website hygiene. Brands want to be recognized, indexed and ranked in Google Search to enhance visibility and thereby, it has become a pivotal part of their digital marketing strategy. In order to rank well in terms of SEO, brands and digital marketing agencies take the assistance of many SEO services in India tools. Hence, it’s a prerequisite in the current digital environment to scale up your online presence.

Types of Seo- In Terms Of Strategy


SEO Methods can be divided into three, on the basis of the organic search strategy. They are as follows:

  • On-page SEO

On-page SEO is very crucial for every brand to drive relevant traffic to their website. This primarily deals with the content of every individual page to include the pertinent keywords in the title, tags, etc. This works especially well when a new in-trend product has been launched. A few important aspects to remember while executing your on-page SEO are as follows:

  • Keyword Research: Make sure to perform complete keyword research before writing your web content. While doing so, you ought to take into consideration, aspects like search volume, competition, etc.
  • Keyword Optimization: After you’re done with your keyword research, the next important step is to optimize your content accordingly. Remember to slide keywords in your content casually and not overdo it.
  • Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO covers a wide spectrum of inbound optimization. This type of SEO demands a good amount of backlinks to your site, coming from well-reputed external sites. And in order for this to happen, your content needs to necessarily be exceptional and relevant. Two common ways to go about this is to constantly do press releases and guest blogs.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO essentially deals with the optimization of the website’s backend structure. It encompasses website and server optimizationto facilitate crawling and indexing for your website without any hassles whatsoever. This should be done to ensure ease for website spiders to understand your web site’s context and relevance.

Types ofSeo- In Terms Of Practice


On the basis of practice, SEO service in India can be divided into White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

  • White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the approach utilized by the majority of digital marketers and brands. This approach is considered to be legitimate and wholesome since it positively follows Google’s algorithm without manipulating loopholes in a negative way. Brands that follow White Hat SEO are known for quality content, HTML optimization, and accurate research.

  • Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is recognized as an unethical way since it exploits Google Algorithm’s loopholes to rank higher. This method undoubtedly clashes with Google guidelines, apart from only accounting for short-term rankings. This method uses practices like link spamming, cloaking, over usage of keywords, etc. It’s advisable to keep away from this approach at any cost.

SEO is indispensable for any brand to be recognized and if optimally utilized, can fetch drastically good results. SEO Site Checkup is one of the best tools at your disposal!

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