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India is known for its rich culture and traditions which are diverse and unique. This culture is a combination of various customs like its traditional dance forms and monuments. Apart from these, Indian food is considered to be the most important component of its culture. The use of conventional methods of cooking gives a unique aroma and taste to the dishes which cannot be found elsewhere. Local cuisines prepared using special spices makes them all the more tempting. Every state has its own special dish which attracts tourists from all over the world.

Tourists with a desire to taste every dish India tends to offer usually enroll themselves for an India Food Tour. This tour, organized by a company, promises to give the tourists a taste of Indian cuisines. These food tours also organize special cooking classes with some renowned chefs to give tourists a wonderful experience. Some of the best destinations for food tour in India are:

  1. Kochi, Kerala:

Kerala is known for its spices and savory dishes like Sadhya which is a special course meal which combines all the famous dishes of Kerala. It is a combination of spicy, sweet and sour dishes along with the favorite drink of people in Kerala i.e. tea. Cooking classes in Kerala provide a home like experience with the instructor helping the tourists with right amount of every ingredient needed to make their staple dishes.

  1. New Delhi:

Known for its heritage sites and mouth watering dishes, New Delhi is the best place to enjoy some of the best dishes which are served all around the world. One can learn anything, from a cheesecake to a more traditional dish i.e.

Nihari which is a type of soup made by cooking meat on a low flame for hours to ensure the best taste, at a cooking class in New Delhi. Also, one can look for dishes like paneer tikka masala prepared by street vendors to ensure a rich and satisfied Food tour in New Delhi.

  1. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu:

Idli, Vada and sambar is the most famous dish savored by people of south India. idli, made form a batter of soaked rice and water, served along with coconut chutney and sambar is served in almost all restaurants and taught in the cooking classes. Moreover, eating Dosa, the famous signature dish of South India, makes Tamil Nadu a must visit for Indian food tour.

  1. Goa:

Known for its coastlines and beaches, Goa is famous for its seafood which includes loads of dishes like Goan Fish Curry, Caldeirada and the most popular Fish Caldine etc. Cooking classes teach the tourists to prepare the dishes with the same flavor using the best method. A seafood lover must surely include Goa in his/her list of places for Indian food tour.

  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan:

Cooking classes teach dishes like Gatte ki sabzi, Daal Bati Churma and Ghevar, which is the most famous dessert prepared by Rajasthani folk.

Apart from the conventional food tour, one can also look for secret Indian food tour. Such food tours are different from the normal tours as tourists get a more enriching experience. They get an opportunity to taste certain unique dishes prepared at an unknown location adding a thrilling touch to the whole tour.

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