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Eat Like a Male Model

Its a true fact that male models are born with really good looks, but, sometimes it takes serious dedication to stay in supermodel shape. Apart from working-out, eating a healthy diet will make-up for everything which cannot be done at the gym. There are many male models who don’t drink alcohol. But, if you drink a lot of alcohol, it’s important to lose it by following the secondary diet procedure. However, there are some models who really don’t worry about what they eat or drink, their metabolism slows down once they approach 30. Let’s figure out some of the models who are into their diet at present too. Take a read:

  • Chad White: He is one of the models who is known for staying in shape and have been the face of companies such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, and Loewe. In fact, recently became fitness guru and parlayed his career. Talking about the diet, he recommends to eat clean & strictly avoid snacking at-least two hours before bedtime. Rather going for beer, he prefers the carb-filled drink wit tequila or vodka sodas. He once told Huffington Post that he loves to have cookies, and week binging on Fridays.

Chad White

  • Tyson Beckford: Famously known for appearing in campaigns for brands Polo Ralph Lauren, Tyson Beckford is known for his six-pack abs. Apart from keeping-up in the game, the American model considers himself as a big fan of smoothies, especially mixture of kale, grapefruit, celery, and apple. Tyson also adds on, that he eat so much fish and chicken; once in a while, he consume peanut butter.

Tyson Beckford

  • Noah Mills: Noah Mills handsome loos have landed him in famous advertising campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors, and many more. For his diet, he added to consume smoothies: kale, hemp seed, coconut water, protein, and banana. Apart from this, he follow-up eating, meat, fish, veggies, and fruit; precisely, easy on the carbs, and its of protein.

Noah Mills

  • Jason Morgan: Appearing shirtless in numerous fragrance campaigns for Jason Morgan, Giorgio Armani happens to have a die-hard body. Not only this, he also fronted underwear advertisements like Emporio Armani for years. He believes in clean eating; veggies and lean protein is what he eats.

Jason Morgan

  • Brad Kroenig: Karl Lagerfeld muse Brad Kroenig has modeled for numerous prestigious brands such a Chanel, Lagerfeld’s and Chanel own label. Almost being 40 years old, he states that he is in a god shape through his whole life. In an interview, he mentioned that he eats 6-7 cups of rice every day. For Breakfast (3 hard boiled eggs; 1/2 cup of rice, black coffee); Lunch (8 oz of lean protein, unlimited steamed veggies, and 1 cup steamed basmati rice), Dinner (8 oz of lean protein, unlimited steamed veggies, and 5 ups of steamed basmati rice).

Brad Kroenig

Readers, what are your thoughts about diet? Do you follow any particular diet or still looking for some reason to do the same. How about following the steps of these male models?

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