Forget Social Media, WeMatcher is the Best Dating App

WeMatcher is the Best Dating App

Being a Cam model just got even more interesting than you could ever find it. Although its initial features were cool, it just got better by adding the new Live Video.

The New Live video option is brilliant and wonderful and improves your chances as a cam model. Like sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder but with the exotic touch of a real-life meet up.

WeMatcher has continued to prove that they are concerned about giving cam models and visitors to their date sites the most exhilarating experience. Ahead of its peer, WeMatcher is becoming a pacesetter in making remote dating as convenient and romantic as possible.

For most people who do not like to leave their homes like Anita (cam mod

el at WeMacther), she claims that the Live video streaming is one of the best things to have happened to online dating in recent years.

Benefits of the WeMatcher new live video feature

Here, we will explore how sexy dating with WeMatcher is with its new live cam feature both fr models and for singles (looking to mingle).

For WeMatcher Models

When models login to the WeMacher platform, instead of the previous ‘hidden’ method of texting, they can now begin a live video broadcast. People looking for dates can join in the broadcast and choose to subscribe to the channel. The bigger your audience, the more popular you become on the dating platform

Best dating show

The new live video dating of the WeMatcher platform can help lovers to get closer. Most prefer chatting with a cam model over the cams to sex chatting. You can also earn more in private sessions and know your date better.

Earn money quickly

Unlike many other dating platforms, you can earn money quickly with the WeMatcher dating platform. While on a broadcast, if you (cam model) please your viewers/subscribers well, they can respond in kind by giving your video a “Love emoji.” Every time your video gets a love emoji, you get richer by 250 WM.

Own our session

If you can keep your session going for another 15 minutes, you will get the ‘rights’ to the video. Any of your viewer that wishes to continue with the session will have to pay for the session. The payment is done through sending a love emoji. Each Love emoji is worth 250 WM (1000WM = 2Euros)

Private dating session

WeMatcher is very much concerned about the privacy of its users. Unless you choose to expose your identity, WeMatcher will never give out any of your data.

It is a stress-free way at romance

Many of your dates must have badgered you about meeting up in previous times even though you do not feel up to it. The new live video feature is a good way to avoid any ‘meet-up’ stress. You guys can have the best of one-on-one conversations.

Also, you get the chance to be intimate with the person you are dating through gestures, smiles, voice chats, and live sharing.

Date from any part of the world

Whether your date is in Paris, or Casablanca, New York, Florida, Toronto, Sydney, or any other parts of the world, it is now an easier chance at romance than ever. Anita, for example, has ‘admirers’ from about 50 different cities in 3 continents all over the world. 

The New live video feature is making it easy for lovers to chat and share moments without being cut out, try it NOW HERE.

An easy way of becoming a cam-model

It is a big irony to become a cam model without even getting behind a screen. However, with the new feature, you can become a model from the comfort of your home. Other platforms still make use of the inefficient method of sex chatting, which does not get you anywhere close to being a model.

So far, only a few dating platforms have registered the Live Cam feature. And many other Social Media sites are still having trouble installing live videos to their apps/sites. All these make the feat more laudable on the WeMatcher platform.

How to begin as a Cam Model on WeMatcher

  1. To become a Cam model, start by opening the WeMatcher app/site from your device (Tablet, Laptop, or mobile)
  2. Go and create a WeMatcher profile if you have not created one, Name, interests, active hours, etc.
  3. Your information details will be kept private.
  4. Set up your payment details and account
  5. Go ahead and start a broadcast channel; you are Live.

Benefits of being a Webcam model

If you do not mind being popular or getting lots of attention, then you can be a successful cam model. With a good internet connection, suitable and comfy location with kinky dresses, you can become the star of the show.

Here are some of the perks you get for being a cam model.

Low risk on the job

Apart from the part that cyber-bullying is non-existent on dating platforms, they also have strict policies to block offenders.  Being a cam model, you are not doing anything risky, and you can keep your profile hidden from outsiders.

Little Physical contacts

You do not even have to know any of your admirers personally. You can choose whoever you want to hang out with whenever. You can refuse physical meetings or hook-ups.

You are your boss

You get to schedule the time, periods, or length of your live sessions. You can choose to be active all day or take a break from modeling for a while. Also, you do not have to do what you can’t do; you don’t need to go nude or act funny. You can politely decline any weird offer, ready to try? Do so NOW HERE.

It can be a passive income for you

You can take up cam modeling as a side hustle and earn extra cash. If you have a corporate job, you can adjust your broadcast/active time to suit your schedule. You will always find people online, especially after official hours.

Wrapping Up

The latest addition of the live video feature to the WeMatcher platform makes it extremely easy to date on the site. Just like Tik-Tok, Instagram, Snap chat, and the rest, WeMatcher is becoming a top site for cam models.Launch your cam modeling career!

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