Franchise businesses you can start at Low Cost in Noida

Elevating popularity of a franchise business is evident from the incrementing size of the industry in the present time from that of 2012. Chairman of Franchise India stated in a 2017 report that the franchise industry in India has been estimated to be at USD 47-48 billion in the present time recording a 30% annual growth. Noida being the commercial hub of the country is home to many such franchise businesses.

Consequently, such businesses require funds for the establishment and running. Therefore, most candidates opt for a business loan in Noida to accumulate required funds for such low-cost business franchise. Since capital investment is crucial for business, investing in a low-cost commercial franchise is a more suitable option.

Here, take a look at low-cost franchise businesses that you can start in Noida –

  1. Food & Beverages sector

Food and beverages sector is one franchise option that is popular in every city and amongst people of every age group. Subsequently, potential entrepreneurs can invest around Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh and set up their business using a franchise loan.

However, this amount for investment may vary according to the franchise brand you choose and its requisites in terms of area, amenities, machinery, etc. In Noida, outlets of Pizza, burger, fast foods, and beverages are famous amongst all age group and is a preferable franchise business one can start under Rs. 30 Lakh.

  1. Retail franchisee

Opting a franchise for famous retail brands carrying a wide range of kids, women, and men apparel is a preferable option as the profit and revenue generated can be high. Consequently, the minimum area required for a retail store can be large as well putting you in a financially unstable situation. Therefore, matching the right financing for a franchise becomes most important for your business.

  1. Pre-school

Seeking admission for your child in a renowned pre-nursery is a trend that every Indian follows making, it one of the wise and low-cost business options.

Franchising from a renowned pre-nursery brand costs around Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh. Entrepreneurs finding this as their potential business opportunity and having a shortfall of funds can apply for a business loan in Noida and start their venture.

  1. Courier franchise

With the emerging industry of e-commerce, courier services are at their all-time peak. Low investment and high revenue make it a commercial business option in Noida. People can start it from a small office space where they can store, pack, process, and deliver a package.

An individual can acquire a franchise of renowned courier brands for up to Rs. 20 Lakh and start their business operation. One can apply for a business loan as well for obtaining a courier franchise. Eligible candidates can easily acquire this kind of franchise loan for their business.

  1. Healthcare franchise

Healthcare franchise is still in its emerging stage in India and is estimated to grow dramatically in the coming years. This estimation has led many entrepreneurs to invest in this sector and is one of the reasons why medical professionals care about health care franchises.

The brand name, ownership, and services offered in a particular brand can lure more medical professionals in your business. Since it is still a budding franchise opportunity, entrepreneurs can acquire it within Rs. 20 – Rs. 25 Lakh.

Subsequently, these are some of the low-cost franchise business sectors where one can invest. The exact cost may differ from one brand to another as per their requirements in terms of area of operation, resources required, and services/products to produce.

Potential entrepreneurs looking to invest in such business opportunities can avail a business loan in Noida and start planning their business with the accumulated funds.


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