GMAT Prep course for MBA admission in leading business schools

GMAT Prep course

It is only in our country that the Aspirants of MBA face tremendous confusion pertaining to nature and the names of the MBA courses offered by different institutions. There are traditional two year MBA degrees, one-year post-graduate diplomas, executive MBA degrees, Executive diploma certification courses, etc. And in order to take admission in this course, it is important to attend GMAT prep course.

Syllabus and examination pattern:

The first step for the Gmat preparation is to take a glance over the Gmat exam syllabus. It mainly contains four sections, which are:

  1. AWA section (Analytical Writing Assessment section): The problem includes figuring out the reasoning behind the argument and critical analysis.
  1. IR section (Integrated reasoning) section: This section is designed to test your analytical skills while solving a complicated problem. The data for which will be provided to you in various forms. 
  1. QR section (Qualitative Reasoning): This section is designed to test your mathematical skills, basic geometry, algebra, and basic mathematical problems.

Verbal section: This section comprises of three parts, namely Reading comprehension, Critical reasoning and Sentence correction. 

Preparation for the GMAT examination:

GMAT is a computer adaptive test, which means the level of each and every question will be decided by your performance on the previous question. The gmat score is valid for 5 years. A candidate can give this exam 5 times in a year and 8 times in a lifetime. There is around 600 exam center all across the world. The average Gmat score varies from 600 to 707 in various countries. Inorder to follow an efficient GMAT preparation strategy, the following avenues are available,

a)Self-study: Self-study is the cheapest and the most flexible way to prepare. You can select good books available aplenty in the market for topics ranging from basic to advanced ones.

  1. b) Coaching center: If you are comfortable with the traditional classroom approach, you may find many coaching centers in your nearby location. Candidates from smaller towns may have difficulty in finding a good coaching center in their vicinity. For them, the next alternative may be chosen.
  1. c) Online coaching: In this method of preparation, one needs a good internet connection to access good online courses from home, office or elsewhere.

d)Personal tutor: If the above options do not work, you can also hire a personal tutor who can identify your weaknesses and fix them.

In case you join a GMAT coaching institutes then the professionals therein might help you with planning and strategizing. Their strategies can help you prepare in the most prolific manner. You can easily prepare and perform in a satisfying manner. After all, it is all about how you do preparation and how you perform.

Final words:

Thus, it is good if you take up online courses for GMAT preparation from Jamboree and make sure that you prepare in the most effective and constructive manner. You get a chance rarely and when you get it; make sure that you don’t let it slip.

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