Graffiti and Street Art: Art on the Borderline of Crime and Creativity

Graffiti and Street Art

We all have come across graffiti and street art in some or the other way. Not only this is the graffiti and street art considered to be the rawest form to express fine art for different artists. This expressive art form has flourished in all the cities having a very stronger impact with its amazing charm.

The graffiti word is derived from the Italian word or root which means scratched out. To make the definition a little clear and straight to the point, graffiti art is some kind of art that is made on surfaces and displayed where it should not be displayed. This is usually done on walls or any other flat surface.

Overview of the graffiti and street art

Graffiti art and street art vary a lot from each other. Now, let’s have a brief overview of these two different types of art forms.

1) Graffiti art: Graffiti art is the type of art that is used to advertise something. Paradoxically, it is in the form of advertising art. Graffiti art ranges from simple written text with different illustrations. Australian graffiti street artists are highly popular and skilled in this form of art.

20 Street art: street art is an unofficial and independent form of art which is used to illustrate different messages on flat surfaces. Street art is getting very popular these days. These days street artists tend to use different slogans to protest against any issue.

Graffiti art and street art: crime and creativity

 As we know that graffiti and street art are illegal and both the art forms lie on the vandalism and these art forms are difficult to eulogize without any sort of feelings. The popular Australian street and graffiti artist use this form of art to express their feelings.

No doubt, the creation and the flourishing of arts have been creating a lot of problems for urban cities as the artists are creating these art forms at unwanted places which gives a poor impact on those places.

The profiles of the graffiti and street art have seen following the underground and anti-law route because of the angst they are seen they carry. The graffiti art was seen emerging from Melbourne. Later, the growth took a spike and art flourished in all the cities.

Current status of graffiti and street art and the artists

According to the current situation, people have been accepting this form of art up to a great extent. Now the spectacular art pieces are being showcased in museums and exhibitions.


Hence, here are the most important facts which need to be considered in graffiti and street-art culture. Though the art forms are illegal the artists still are very passionate about these art forms. They always tend to implement and experiment with new techniques which increase the beauty and art form of these art forms. These days, light and dark color combinations are being used to enhance the background of the graffiti and street art.

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