How does Pristyn Care help in curing kidney stones?

kidney stones

Pristyn Care is among the leading healthcare service providers in India that is expanding all over India. Among the numerous treatments offered by Pristyn Care, kidney stones are treated through the modern least invasive treatment procedures.

The kidney stones may not always require surgery if they are very small and cause only mild symptoms. But for the renal calculi of size more than 6mm, surgery becomes necessary. Delaying the surgery in such a case leads to emergency conditions such as a stone getting lodged in the ureter. Therefore, to prevent any such episode of intense pain and terror, one should undergo a surgery as soon as their specialist recommends.

All the specialist doctors at Pristyn Care perform all the diagnostics before recommending the surgery. You can get all your queries resolved before rushing for the treatment.

Here is the detailed information about the kidney stone treatments for permanent relief.

Pristyn Care offers the following 3 advanced modern surgeries to cure kidney stones

Shockwave lithotripsy- Shock wave lithotripsy is an advanced kidney stone treatment procedure. It involves using shock wave energy to crush the stone into smaller pieces. These small pieces can then easily travel through the urinary tract and you can flush them out through the urine.

Laser lithotripsy/ureteroscopy- Laser lithotripsy procedure is quite similar to that of shock wave lithotripsy. This procedure uses a tube called an ureteroscope and thus the surgery is also commonly known as laser ureteroscope. During the surgery, the surgeon inserts the ureteroscope into the urinary tract through the urethra and looks for the stones. These stones are then crushed using high intensity laser energy. Some of the stone pieces are removed using surgical baskets and the granules are left to be flushed out while urinating.

Laparoscopic surgery- Laparoscopic surgery is yet another modern surgical procedure for the treatment of kidney stones. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a lighted laparoscope and inserts it into the urinary tract through a minor incision in the abdominal or groin area. The surgeon then removes the stones and closes off the incision using stitches or sutures.

All the three aforementioned advanced kidney stone surgeries have a number of advantages over the conventional open surgery. These surgeries are performed under the influence of anesthesia and thus do not inflict any pain. These are least invasive and thus there is no risk of infections or complications after the surgery. Moreover, the recovery is very speedy and you just need to follow a few minor instructions to recover completely within 4-5 days.

Other healthcare benefits of choosing kidney stone treatment at Pristyn Care

Fast Insurance clearance- Affordability is one of the major aspects that majorly influences one’s treatment decision. Pristyn Care makes sure that the insurance claims get cleared without any delay. You or your family don’t need to run behind any insurance authorities. The team at Pristyn Care will get all the documents signed for the insurance coverage of the treatment and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Handling all the paper formalities at the hospital– The patient or their family members do not have to spend hours running around the hospital to complete the admission process. The dedicated team members from Pristyn Care make sure that the patient gets the room within a few minutes. Also, the patient gets a personalised in-room kit with all the essentials needed during hospital stay.

Dedicated care buddy- Pristyn Care will provide you with a dedicated Care Buddy who will guide and assist you during the entire treatment procedure. The Care Buddy will cater to your every need and make sure you do not face any problems.

Free cab service on the day of surgery- On the day of the surgery, you do not need to worry about the commute arrangements. Pristyn Care provides free pick-up and drop facility to and from the hospital so that you and your family can reach the hospital without any hassles.

Free follow up- Another benefit of undergoing treatment at Pristyn Care is that they provide free follow-ups post surgery. This way you can stay in touch with the doctor and ensure that no complications or problems arise.

Final Note

The precision and simplicity of the modern kidney stone treatments are anyday more preferred over complex surgery. It is even better when you can save money and don’t require to spend much from your pocket for the treatment. And, healthcare providers like Pristyn Care are setting the right example for a smooth affordable treatment experience for every patient. If you have any query, visit their website to know more.

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