How to recognise your pukhraj stone

pukhraj stone

The pukhraj stone or yellow sapphire is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is an essential gemstone which supports success and prosperity in life. The best quality stone will have very few inclusions. The stone is known by a lot of names like pushagram, kanakapushyaragam, Guru Ratna, Guru Vallabh etc. It is important to know all the names by which the pukhraj stone is sold because it makes it easier to understand what’s the seller referring to. You can buy pukhraj online India as well as from a brick-and-mortar store. 

Read on to know how you can identify a genuine pukhraj and bring more prosperity in your life.

Features of the stone

An original stone will be crystal clear heavy large size but without the presence of any layers. The pukhraj stone is extremely soft, glib and looks natural. It will contain only one colour. There will not be any appearance of two colours or smudge or black colour in the stone. When rubbed against the touchstone or a wall the colour becomes only finer. The softness and slippery nature of the yellow sapphire makes it slip from your hand when you hold it between the thumb and index finger. Also, if you make the stone warm then it should look like the setting sun.

  • While buying and original pukhraj ensure that its appearance is clear. The pukhraj stone price will increase for gemstones that have greater clarity because it means that they are original. 
  • The colour of the gemstone is also important in determining its authenticity. The true colour will be shiny and bright, it can also be lemon yellow or bright yellow. Such stones are considered higher priced than the ones that have a tint of bold orange or green. 
  • As with the other gemstones, the higher the carat the bigger will be the price. The cost of the stone is measured in carats. So, big stones will obviously be more costly then and the smaller ones irrespective of clarity. 

Know the cut

The cut of the pukhraj stone is also very important because they are available in various shapes. Oval or round stones are considered the lowest in pricing while the ones with faceted cut are more costly. 

The treatment used on the pukhraj stone is also very important if the stone has gone through heating of colouring process then it becomes shiny and clear. The pukhraj stone price of the unheated and untreated natural stones are more than the ones created in the lab or the synthetic ones. Their price is comparatively low and likewise their effect on the planet will also be compromised.

While buying the stones check if there is an X sign on the back of your stone. It will be available only if the stone is a fake. 

Benefits of the stone

The yellow pukhraj is not just important for success and progress in life but also for battling ailments. It is also important for maintaining relationships and marital bliss the stone also protects you from accidents and is is important for bringing harmony in the family. 

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