My Transformation: From Fat to Fit

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Never tell anyone how hard and difficult it is to get in shape, otherwise nobody will do it.”


The only thing that remains loyal to you throughout your life is not your partner, best friend, colleagues, or parents but your own body. Yes, your body! Hello there, I am John and today I want to share my life-changing experience, my physical transformation. My fitness journey started in July of last year. It took me about 2-3 months just to take the first step towards it and perhaps it was the most humungous and challenging one. But after that, I never looked back and have been growing and motivating others since then. Let me explain in brief how I did it.

The Inception

I used to be the fattiest guy everywhere I go(or at least I used to think). With a body fat of 39%, I never felt comfortable in talking and socializing. I never really tried to lose some pounds until last year my diabetes and cholesterol levels shoot up. Then I realized for the first time that it is high time or else I would not be able to survive. C’mon, I was just 26. One of the best things with me was that my childhood buddy Shawn, who pushed me for the first step i.e. to ‘start’. ‘Start’, sounds very small but trust me it was the hardest part of my journey. But the problem was I couldn’t go to any gym because I felt embarrassed. So my friend Shawn who himself is a fitness freak helped me in starting my regime. Under his supervision, I started working out at home.

The Journey Begins

Initially, I felt no difference and tried to give up several times. This is perhaps the time that I felt which makes all the difference in the whole process of fitness. Because this is the time that you will find giving up the easiest option as you can’t see the result of all the hard work you do. But trust me, with my experience, I can clearly say that it’s not like this. Even if you can’t see the result but the changes are going on inside. Also, I remembered why I started this journey in the first place. So, it gave me motivation and gradually I could feel the changes in my body. And when I made the routine strict and regular, I ordered few types of equipment like resistance bands, core roller, resistance tube online during the early Black Friday deals. So, after 4 weeks I changed my workout plan.

Nutrition Is The Key

They say its 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. I earlier didn’t feel this statement’s importance. But gradually I felt the difference. Now I can clearly say that we are what we eat. My initial target was to cut the excessive sugars and salts from my diet. Gradually, with the changes in my workout plan, I changed my diet as well. Today, I am very conscious of the macros and micros my diet and promote healthy nutrition. Truly speaking, I haven’t had a burger since last August. But it is still my favorite meal. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that we have to eat our favorite food all the time. Also, I miss my pancakes and waffles with maple syrup on it but when I eat the green salad I feel more energetic and light.

Future Goals

For a person like me with 39% body fat, it is a very thing to achieve 26% body fat now. But I don’t want to stop here and I will not. My next target is to get the body fat less than 20%. I know that the journey ahead will not be easy. But now I have realized that fitness is not something which should be temporary, it is a lifestyle. Moreover, I have started learning calisthenics.

For all the people like me, who are fat, just don’t wait for a situation like me. Start doing something for your body because if you ignore it today, then tomorrow it will hurt you. Because if I can then you also can. At the same time, you must enjoy your life by eating your favorite food, but there must an equilibrium between everything.

Stay Healthy! Stay Humble! Stay Happy!

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