Reasons to Choose Tungsten for Men’s Wedding Rings


Tungsten rings are all the rage today because of the various advantages that conventional rings simply can’t provide. Incredibly, tungsten rings are about as famous today as titanium rings which used to be the go-to metal for being almost indestructible. Today tungsten rings are not just a fad but have established their presence since they were introduced to the jewelry market almost ten years ago. Indeed, even customary rings like platinum and white gold have leveled off in customer interest during this time. In the meantime, tungsten rings have maintained solid ground. It has become a more preferred option for modish, and sleek men’s wedding rings.

Unlike gold or platinum that is suitable for nearly everybody, tungsten has a distinctive personality. You may have worn jewelry before and might have an idea about the style you prefer. However, tungsten catches our attention by surprise. Before we continue any further, let us clearly understand the craze behind tungsten wedding rings and whether they are the right for you.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a pure metal found in nature. However, totally pure tungsten isn’t good for making jewelry. Tungsten that is used to make jewelry is tungsten carbide.

Albeit usually used interchangeably, there are differences between these two terms. Tungsten in its purest form can’t be used in jewelry. Rather, it is made into metal, consisting of roughly 85% tungsten and 15% carbon, nickel or cobalt which is known as tungsten carbide. Since tungsten is weak, blending it with carbon diminishes this weakness, making the metal increasingly sturdy and simpler to work with.

The nickel or cobalt works as a binding agent, holding the metal together and making it possible to shape it. Tungsten carbide with nickel is considered as top quality and perfect for wedding rings. Nonetheless, tungsten carbide with cobalt isn’t recommended for making jewelry as cobalt reacts to skin causing discoloration and skin irritation.

As mentioned above, tungsten carbide contains carbon. Tungsten without carbon is only a steel ring, with a Mohs of 7.5. It can get scratched and damaged. In any case, when carbon is added in the mix to make carbide, the resulting metal turns out to be amazingly strong and sturdy.

Why is Tungsten Suitable for Men’s Rings?

Weddings and wedding bands should keep going forever. Jewelers mix pure tungsten and carbon with a little measure of nickel or cobalt to make tungsten carbide. This alloy is what is commonly referred to as “tungsten” in the jewelry market. A few goldsmiths compare tungsten’s strength and quality to a diamond. In any case, tungsten is easy to cut and mold according to individual requests. This solid, low maintenance metal is currently the best choice for men’s wedding rings.

Why Should You Opt for Tungsten over Other Precious Metals?

Wedding bands need not be so costly that it leaves you in debt. Sadly, that is the miserable reality for some couples who are still trying to manage their budget for their wedding and wedding bands. It doesn’t require frequent polishing. It offers a smooth and stylish look that gold or white gold can never accomplish.

Gold is less tough than tungsten. You may have seen very few multi-faceted designs on gold rings and carvings. The jewelry designers have ensured that tungsten offers a larger variety and scope for innovative designs, ideas, and finishes. Engraving by hand is a challenging task since Tungsten is very hard.

You can decide on a black tungsten finish with an understated brush finish, or you can pick a sparkly silver sheen. None of these completions bargains the solidness of the metal. Another well-known pattern is to decorate the ring with carbon fiber. You can include appealing colors according to your own preference. You can get dark, gunmetal gray, white and even blue tones with the carbon fiber inlays.

Another advantage of getting tungsten wedding bands is the neutral nature of the metal. We have seen individuals return to get their gold and platinum wedding bands polished after some time. Gold loses its brilliance; platinum forms blue platinum and even treated steel rusts after some time. Still, tungsten carbide stays untainted for a considerable length of time even with regular use. Tungsten is perfect for you if you participate in daily activities that may include brushing, scraping or knocking the ring on hard surfaces.


To summarize, tungsten rings are more well-known than titanium and gold! A wedding band should be beautiful and everlasting. A wedding ring must be a fitting reflection of the couple’s affection and respectability. It should suit their way of life and character. A band of marriage is an indispensable piece of the wedding. The delivery and style of the wedding ring should carve the whole wedding in your memory.

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