Smart Choice of Refrigerators Comes with Global Inverter Technology

Smart Choice of Refrigerators Comes with Global Inverter Technology

Compressor technology has been rapidly evolving across appliances. When it comes to refrigerators there are many types of compressors such as – rotary, scroll, screw, and centrifugal compressors. While each compressor offers its own benefits, there is a new competitor on the market: Global Inverter Compressor Technology. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is Inverter Compressor Technology?

Simply put, global inverter compressor technology uses an inverter to regulate the speed of the compressor motor, thereby controlling the temperature. More specifically,a double door fridge has an electrical inverter that is adjustable and can regulate the pace of the electromotor, which affects the cooling output. All appliances with compressors like ACs and refrigerators can be made to come with inverter compressors.

Benefits of Inverter Refrigerators

Inverter refrigerators offer the following advantages:

  • Eco-friendly: A fridge equipped with a digital inverter compressor utilizes a more limited amount of energy than conventional motor compressors and hence contributes far less to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cost-effective: While installation costs are higher than non-inverter fridges, the low power input of inverter fridges can also help save on longer-term electricity costs by anywhere from 30%-50% each month.
  • Durable: This type of compressor gradually slows down or speeds up, and so it does not need to work hard to maintain the temperature. Ultimately it suffers less wear-and-tear over time relative to traditional compressors.
  • Convenient: Traveling to a new country for a few months and unsure of what to do about your fridge? You no longer need to worry when you have Inverter technology, Most models come with a ‘Vacation Mode’ that uses less power to store your items while the fridge is not being frequently used.

Which Models Come With Inverter Technology?

The key players of the Global Inverter Technology market are Samsung, Haier, LG, Whirlpool and Hitachi, among others. All varieties of fridges -single, multi, and double door fridges- have come out with inverter technology. The following models currently on the market offer inverter cooling:

Haier HRB-738BG with French Doors

  • Type: Double door fridge
  • Capacity: 712 liters (feeds 5–8 individuals)
  • Energy Rating: A++

The HRB-738BG is one of Haier’s flagship fridges and is one of the most energy-conserving double door fridges on the market. It specifically comes with a digital control panel so you can adjust the internal temperature with the help of its inverter compressor. Inverter technology allows this model to offer a super-cooling functionality for those extreme summer months. Extra space can be created by converting the freezer into a refrigerator by changing its mode. Best of all is its capacity which is a whopping 712 liters, ideal for a big family.

Godrej RD Edge ZX

  • Type: Single door refrigerator
  • Capacity: 195 liters (feeds 1–3 individuals)
  • BEE Rating: 5 stars

This single door fridge by Godrej is a budget-friendly option for those seeking out inverter technology in their refrigerators. It comes with a powerful cooling capacity with a low power input of 140–260 Volts. It has temperature control and stabilizer free operation. Its inverter compressor can help you save on electricity costs. Additionally, its anti-bacterial technology and humidity control make it an ideal choice for those living in tropical regions.

Samsung EZ Clean RT30N3753SL/HL

  • Type: Double door fridge
  • Capacity: 275 liters (feeds 3–5 individuals)
  • BEE Rating: 3 stars

This Samsung refrigerator price for the EZ Clean fridge makes this model one of the best double door fridges on the market. Like the Haier HRB-738BG, its inverter compressor can be digitally manipulated. For sweltering summers, one can use the power cool function to make the fridge cool 31% quicker.

By changing the cooling settings of the freezer to match the refrigerator, an additional 88 liters of storage space can be made. Not only can the Samsung EZ Clean be adjusted to cool depending on the outside weather but it will also function harmlessly in case of voltage fluctuations.

So these are some of the best refrigerators as per their specification and price range.

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