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Field service automation software

The open source field service software is a system that helps in managing and coordinating field operations by employing a mobile workforce. It helps in setting up service orders, sending off agents, tracking vehicle locations along with job status.The field service management software helps you in streamlining the field service tasks efficiently. One of the most important task performed by this software is Scheduling and dispatching. Following tasks are performed under this activity:

  • Create work orders from your desktop or your mobile:
  • Sometimes, the owners or dispatchers are also working as technicians in the field. They take customer calls while on the road.  With Field software, they can create the work orders and dispatch it right away. They don’t have to wait till they get to their office to create and dispatch.
  • During non-business hours (including weekends), people do not want to jump on a laptop to create work orders. However, they still have to attend to customers. They would rather just do it on the mobile.
  • Create work orders for recurring work automatically
    • Increasing recurring work in any business is good, since recurring work produces recurring revenue. Businesses should thrive to increase the percentage of their recurring revenue as much as possible. Such a model provides steady and predictable revenue.  You also tend to build better relationships with your customers and in the long run help to sell more.
  • Create work order from your website
  • This is a widely used feature. This softwareprovides a custom link to each of the customers. They take this link and place it behind a button on their own website to request Service.  When their customers click on this button, they are able to fill out a form to request service and this request goes right into software.
  • Create work orders from emails
  • When a small business has a contract with large company. The large company often sends work orders through emails that are generated from their automated systems. It can get cumbersome to take these emails and plug this information again into Field software. They also have a system whereby these automated emails that you receive, gets automatically converted into work orders within Field software.
  • Create work orders from customer portal
  • Text and email notifications for your technicians and customers
  • Customers need to be notified when a work order has been scheduled. This may happen over the phone. With Field service automation software, a text is automatically send to the customer when the schedule is created. Additionally, when the technician is in route, another text is send reminding them that they are on the way.
  • Companies send the technician a text when a work order has been created but you cannot expect the technician to always be constantly looking inside his mobile app for new work orders. Texting in general is a great mechanism for such reminders and is used in all aspects of life.
  • Create custom fields & custom lists to organize and categorize work orders.
  • Efficient resource utilization to optimize productivity.

This software has helped various companies as well as customers. With the mobile technology, work is conducted very efficiently and effectively.

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