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If you have to order food for five people, it is the easiest thing someone can ask you to do. At the same, if you have to manage food beyond 4-5 people, it is still a challenge. If you are planning to have a get together at your place; if you are planning to give a treat to your office colleagues, a treat which is long pending because something great happened to you two years back. And if your kids are insisting to invite all their friends to their birthday party, if any of these things running in your mind, if not these, then anything which involves food. Then, now the time has arrived when you should drop these worries because sweet tomatoes catering service is taking that responsibility. Now you can order bulk food, that too from your favourite restaurants.


They have kept their business model as simple as possible. They have partnered with all the top restaurants in the city. They charge them in order to order basis. You may think, why do they charge the restaurants. They charge the restaurants for giving them business of scale, at the same time they subsidise the delivery charge for you by charging the restaurant. Their objective is to offer affordable bulk food order service. The sweet tomatoes catering service takes very minimal charges to from the end consumers to give impetus to their revenues. At the initial stage of the business, firms need more working capital to keep the business running. The company claims, they will make their services even more affordable as they scale. 

Managing orders

To start off you are required to create an account on their portal. Once you have successfully created an account on their portal, they will ask you to give them access to your location. It is a basic request; all the food delivery service providers need access to your location in order to offer their services. So, you need not worry about that request. You will be asked to enter your address and set a nickname for your account. The moment you have successfully enter all the basic details, you will get access to polcari’s catering menu. The menu is an integrated menu of all the restaurants who have partnered with the catering firm. From there, you can fetch the restaurant of your choice, select the food items, select the quantity and place the order. 

Delivery time and payment 

The tomatoes catering service provides no set limit for the delivery of the orders. You get the stipulated maximum time on your screen, based on the distance of the restaurant to your place. The portal is connected with the global positioning system, so if there is any congestion on the route of your place. The delivery time will be relatively higher than usual. The tomatoes catering service has very smooth payment mechanism to pay for your orders. You can through your credit and debit cards. You can also avail exciting discounts from their portal. 

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