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The world of tech is on fire in this modern age. You may hear about a new advancement one day. But by the time you run to get to using it, tech has already moved on.

From AI recommending shows based on your personal preferences to apps that measure your heartbeat, everything is possible now.

In fact, in today’s age, minuscule cameras can tell you all youneed to know about the intricacies of your sewer system. Who’d have thought that clogging drains and blocked pipes problems would be solved like this? Not us, for sure!

However, that is what is happening. To us, non-plumbers, a flush that won’t drain, is just that. But to a professional armed with a sewer camera, an in-depth look into the underground is available.

Still don’t believe it? Well, here’s what these tiny gadgets can disclose to a trained eye:

  1. Locate pipelines

Say, you bought a new house after it had been constructed. In that case, you wouldn’t know that its sewer pipelines go right under your garden. Or, they could be running under the shed in your backyard. Locating pipelines can be complicated if you weren’t there during a house’s pre-construction phase.

Well, it is without an in-camera inspection.With one, the location-tracking devices built into these units send out a signal. They can be just what your plumber needs to determine where your buried pipelines lie.

  1. Analyzing the sewer system

Locating the pipes is step one. Knowing how they fare and their connection to the town’s sewer lines is another matter. If any of the components are past their functional stage, you won’t necessarily find out until something ruptures!

With a sewer cam, your plumber can suss out rusty pipes or parts of the system that may require replacement and repair.

Moreover, often the pipeline running from a newly built home may be new while the sewer lines it connects to isn’t. Likewise, knowing what types of pipe your plumbing depends on can help determine if there are any issues. It’s one of the reasons why experts recommend getting the plumbing in an older home be inspected before you move in.

  1. Catching tree roots in the very act of infiltrating your sewer line

Back when pipes were of clay, they weren’t that durable. Therefore, when a tree growing nearby sent out its roots seeking water and nutrients, all they needed was to find a crack. And voila! Instant water supply from what is your sewer pipe.

An abundance of hydration usually means that those roots can multiply and take over even more of your drainage system. The hardier the roots, the more quickly they will proliferate.

In short, you may not also be aware of why your drains won’t function. They should without a sewer cam working out the reason!

  1. Investigating the cause behind clogged pipes

This may be one of the most frequent jobs that homeowners have in mind when they dial their plumbers.

At times, treating them with a snake machine gets rid of the blockage. However, in other cases, all the snake machine does is punch a hole through the clog without removing it.

With an in-camera view, the plumber can learn what is causing the blockage. It helps them not just to get rid of it completely. But they can tell you what not to do to stop the situation from occurring again.

What an inspection with a sewer can can’t identify

If someone who professes to be a professional plumber claims that they can determine the location of a leak in your pipeline with their sewer cam, tell them goodbye! Then go and hire a real professional.

Here’s why sewer camera inspections won’t be able to identify where a leak is. Mostly it’s because the cam provides plumbers with a peek into what goes on in the pipe. Thus, they cannot see the water escaping out of a pipe.

Moreover, the thicker the pipe, the harder it will be to spot any signs of leakage. So, if you see a plumbing company arriving at your place with a camera as their primary tool to determine leak locations, you know they aren’t the real deal. In fact, they could be creating “leaks” even where they’re none!

And that brings us to our final point about sewer camera inspections and their utility:

Save you from paying for unnecessary plumbing repairs

Why is it necessary to get an inspection before you move into a new– or new-for-you—place?

Because aside from leaks, sewer cams can find potential problems and allow plumbers to fix them promptly. That way, you won’t have to pay for unnecessary plumbing repairs in the future.

In short, sewer cams can prevent small plumbing issues from becoming full-blown problems.

They also get to the root of any plumbing matter quickly. So, have you begun to see the highly useful nature of sewer camera inspections now?

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