Understand the Salient Points about Bail before Contacting a Bail Bondsman

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When a person doesn’t go through a criminal justice system, they usually get confronted with bail bonds. However, they aren’t sure about their actions. For instance, you get arrested and need to pay approximately $1,00,000 in bail. Does that mean you should serve jail time for not being able to pay the whole amount? Is there anyone who can pay on your behalf? Is it possible for you to appoint a bail bond company or a bail bond agent? The answer is yes, and that will bring much ease to the legal process you have to follow.

It is essential to understand the way bail bonds work and the way the courts decide on the bail amount. It would be best if you also asked the bail bondsman about the payment processes that get accepted. An expert bail bond agent will also update you on other essential issues that a family witness when any of the family members gets arrested. To know more about this, you can check out Hamilton County Castle Bail Bondsman.

Essential facts about a bail

Simply put, bail bonds is the term that gets used to define a situation where a defendant gets released from jail before the criminal case ends. During a bail, a defendant or someone on his/her behalf pays a certain amount to the court. The money paid makes sure that the defendant gets back to the court and be a part of the remaining criminal justice process. Hence, the bail isn’t a punishment to the defendant who is guilty or innocent of the crime. Instead, it’s a way to make sure that the defendant gets back to the court, without any custody on him/her 24/7.

Bail plays a crucial role in the entire criminal justice process! It acts to restrict jail time. Also, once the defendant is out of jail, they can appoint a lawyer and fight their legal battle. A bail bond agent can free a defendant from jail at any stage of the criminal justice process. It could right after the arrest or after the criminal court issued a jail sentence.

At all times, when a person gets arrested, there are three outcomes possible.

  • The defendant gets released.
  • The defendant gets charged first and then released after submitting bail.
  • The defendant gets charged and stays in custody till such time the criminal case ends.

Bail is an excellent way for people to get released from prison before the court gets to pass a verdict on whether the defendant is guilty of the crime or not.

Know the bail schedules

The bail schedules are bail amount lists that apply to specific crimes for any jurisdiction. For instance, a country or state’s bail schedule might set the bail for a crime of misbehavior at $700. Similarly, the bail bond for burglary might be $5000. It is the state laws that determine the bail amounts that suit every crime. The state laws also enable the judges the scope to decrease or increase the bail amount according to what they find is befitting.

These are some of the essential factors about bail that you need to know. That way, it will make your workings with a bail bond company or agent smooth and free of confusion.

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