Using Instagram Memes to Boost Customer Engagement


If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to lure and engage folks on social media, you can consider using memes in your online marketing strategy. At a time when countless consumers are skipping ads, marketing with familiar media and humor can engage or drive hard-to-reach traffic and consumers.

  • For creative persons, digital marketers, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and professional storytellers, meme marketing can be a very low-cost method to engage content that lures a following.
  • On social media, you find memes usually taking the form of a static picture or GIF that plays on a familiar meaning, theme, or phenomenon.
  • You often the layer the text over or atop the image.
  • Across industries and sectors, more marketers and professionals are using memes for building community.
  • They are also instrumental in relating to an audience and staying in the memory of your follower.
  • One of the biggest reasons why memes should be a part of your social media marketing campaign, especially on Instagram and Facebook is that they inexpensive content.
  • Memes showcase content that other people create. You don’t need to create an original photo or video.
  • It’s time-saving for small digital marketers and businesses that need to produce original content.
  • Instead, you can always riff off a meme of existing media by just adding a new twist or caption.
  • Additionally, members value low-resolution, DIY content. So, limited design resources and skills shouldn’t bother you.

The world of Instagram memes

You need to know the elements that define a meme. It could be pop-cultural, clever and witty, outright funny, or an amalgam of the three. In its broadest sense, a meme is a media piece that passes from one person to another on the internet.

  • Cultural relevance is a common thing in memes. Typically, they showcase a combination of imagery and text.
  • Some of the most engaged and biggest Instagram accounts exist due to the sole purpose and purport of creating memes and sharing them. These accounts have over a million followers.
  • While getting new followers through Blastup is nothing new, you can sustain your audience with memes.
  • Promoting your brand values through memes is a legit idea. People want to follow those they can relate to. The influencer or brand status is immaterial here.
  • So, it’s pivotal to make your IG account as easy and relatable as you can. Show off or illustrate what your business or work is all about. Memes can be a great tool to do so.
  • There are modern nutrition brands that often post pop-cultural and fun memes, showcasing its brand value and ethos.
  • Simultaneously, it engages the audience in an inclusive and relatable manner.
  • There are medical brands that often use memes for building brand image and affinity with their customers.
  • Part II is to share viral tweets from your field and community.
  • One of the top trends, or perhaps the biggest design fads to rock Instagram is to share viral Tweets’ screenshots.

Instagram’s meme-ificaiton

The trend on IG is more authenticity with less polish. There has been a paradigm shift in IG’s style. The decline of its aesthetic has dropped those highly-produced, well-staged images brimming with polish. The new style taking them over takes everything in the opposite direction.

  • IG is embracing a more natural, organic and raw images on the medium. This comes in the form of memes.
  • After seeing memes mushrooming through social media for a long time, you can find a few defining elements that make this modality of social media content more compelling and engaging.
  • Memes are relatable, which is a core characteristic of a successful meme. It’s amazing how they summarize or illustrate a widespread mood and feeling that each person can relate to.
  • Witty is another element. Memes thrive on intelligence and cleverness. They have a way of placing obvious things differently, succinctly and often silently that you hadn’t seen or imagined before.
  • Memes are extremely entertaining as they combine cleverness and relatability. They can be an incredibly entertaining piece of content.
  • You can go inside a joke that thousands of other users are sharing. Not all memes call for a laugh riot.
  • You can use them in your Stories and feed, in DMs, and just about anywhere else where you want to communicate with your audience.

The right approach

If you are or have a meme account on Instagram, there are certain things that you need to get right about IG marketing.

  • You need to know the value and foundation of a great caption. Instagram captions create and drive engagement.
  • This is a field where meme accounts excel. Your caption needs to be simple and short, which make them easy to read while you scroll through the feed.
  • Brief captions also attain a full display. It means that you can take the entire post sans clicking on the feed.
  • Often, meme captions add another layer or merit to the joke in the video or photo.
  • You can find how the most successful meme accounts use tedious text for storytelling or connecting with followers.
  • Some even share blog-type content in the captions. You need to remember that while long captions can surely be effective, they do need more investment from your followers.
  • Captions have a wide appeal and a consistent aesthetic. You can recognize it instantly as it generally integrates goofy pictures or familiar images with overlaid text.

Some crucial pointers

Now, before you starting creating memes and use them on social media, you need to know a few things. They are one of the greatest social media symbols. They are funny and edgy. You can iterate on them easily and you have a new one popping up every week. But despite all that popularity, it might be a risky decision for businesses.

  • Memes can click for businesses, but only for those brands that get the correct components of a meme.
  • If you use meme and fail to hit the target, you will look out of touch and foolish, but could also end insulting and seriously offending a person.
  • It’s very important to know your audience and incorporate memes that click with your followers.

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