Using Instagram Stories for Successful Brands on Social Media

Instagram Stories

With over two billion active social media users today, it is reasonable enough to say that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fast making their way to businesses. For interacting with more and more customers, no one can beat the significance of social media. Of all the platforms that are available today, there one that is revolutionizing the world of social media that that is Instagram. What’s more appealing is Instagram story which stays for 24 hours before leaving the social environment for keeps.

The story sizes on Instagram are small and have the ability to empower brands. If you are planning to add this aspect to the bandwagon of social media you have to work a bit harder to get things in action. Knowing how Instagram Stories function is the best way to kick it off.

  • Prepare the content at first and share bits of information on Instagram.
  • Although not so popular still, Instagram Story Takeover can assist in growing your account and reach out to a larger audience within a short span of time.
  • The takeover option facilitates partnership with people on this plat form and other bloggers in this niche and allows them to take over the Instagram account for a period of 24 hours and create a story to highlight your brand.

However, approaching along with tips to boost the story function is more effective.

Tips to add features to the story

The following tips can enrich the story and popularize your account.

  • Combining images with faces
  • Tagging the location
  • Inclusion of multiple hashtags
  • Using people’s faces with the images
  • Stay careful about the time of posting

Using Instagram story highlights

Highlight is another aspect you need to select to cross over the 24 hours timeframe of your story. In this version, you can create highlights on the profile page and allow users to view those parts of the content that are significant. Each highlight can include several stories and you can go on adding to your highlights. Read the following to know how to do it like a pro.

  • Create the Instagram story at first
  • Open the story and tap on highlight on the bottom right corner.
  • Tap New to make another highlight and create a different a name for every option.
  • Tap Enter and then Add to create another highlight.

Sharing stories about your business

Telling customers stories about your business is a reasonable way to begin. Know how to do it professionally and effectively.

  • Highlight the stories of customer and testimonials
  • You can also share special announcement related to your business and allow people to check things here first to make the posts more appealing.
  • Featuring stories about a day in the life of your business or staff.
  • Posting behind the scenes from various trips and events
  • Highlight community service or other activities where you tried to reach out to the less fortunate people to make your brand more valuable.

Things to remember

You can share different forms while posting stories in Instagram and wait for the feedback of the audience. Try to delve deep into those topics that are related to your rand and industry to receive maximum attention on social media and build the trust of your customers.

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