WBU Meaning – WBU Full Form

WBU Meaning

Recalling that time when people used to call. Nowadays, they are more into text messages rather than calling. Who all agree to this? Might be due to everyone’s busy schedule, text messages have been quite an easier way out for connecting with their near and dear ones. Neither you have to wait for their call nor need to call them hesitatingly. All you need to do is drop a text message and the chatting between the individuals gets started. Not to miss, with the trend of text messages or WhatsApp messages, short forms or you can say abbreviations have become via more common amongst everyone.

WBU is one of the abbreviations that is being used on a majority. It simply means – WHAT ABOUT YOU?

This write-up is for everyone out there who is new to the world of abbreviations that are used in WhatsApp or text messages. Sometimes, people end-up using in an unbelievable manner just because they don’t understand the real meaning of the term(s). Thus, this article will give you an overall understanding of WBU. Take a read:

WBU Mean in Texting?

Tell us honestly, how many times you have run out of words when it’s about replying to someone’s text message? If you are a socially shy person, then this situation must be a common thing, right? Now, let us help you out – WBU means What About You? For instance, if someone asked about your whereabouts on text message or WhatsApp; you reply to them ‘what about you’? Doing this will ensure the other person about your interest in knowing about him/her.

Also, you can use this abbreviation through WhatsApp, text messages, Snapchat, emails, etc. The effect of WBU doesn’t change as per your conversation. The meaning is the same everywhere.

WBU in Text Messages – How to Use?

Once you are into the meaning of WBU, it will be easier for you to bring in this abbreviation in your conversation. You can use WBU when you are trying to know someone through text messages; Or you can use it when you want to know someone’s opinion. You can take a look at some of the examples given below:


Friend 1: Hey! I am craving for something delicious cuisine. WBU?

Friend 2: Same here, dude! Let’s go out and eat at your favorite restaurant.


Friend 1: Is it really important to attend the party? Can’t we skip?

Friend 2: Well, I think it will be fun. I am looking forward to. WBU?


Friend 1: I just completed my assignments. WBU?

Friend 2: Not even started. I think my submission will be delayed.


Friend 1: I booked tickets for the latest English movie for both of us. I will reach the cinema hall at 5. WBU?

Friend 2: I will start from my place at 4. Will be there in half an hour.

As mentioned-above, you can use WBU as per the conversation. For other reasons also you can use WBU. Such as:

  • Asking for opinions
  • Giving them suggestions
  • Any conversation initiation
  • For making friends

When NOT to use WBU?

Don’t forget that these abbreviations are an informal thing. It’s okay if you use them with your family, friends, or loved ones. But there are times, wherein you are not supposed to use them. Such as:

  • Any formal conversations
  • Academic essays
  • Writing your Resume
  • Any speeches

Other Abbreviations used by Millennials


  • LOL – Laugh Out Loud
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • OMG – Oh My God
  • JK – Just Kidding
  • JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out
  • BAE – Before Anyone Else
  • NBD – No Big Deal
  • TFW – That Feeling When
  • TTYL – Talk To You Later
  • TN – Tonight
  • RN – Right Now
  • THX – Thanks
  • TBH – To Be Honest

Well, we hope to help you out with the question of WBU? You can use it without any fuss. Good Luck with that!

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