What Does TBT Mean? TBT Full Form?

TBT Full Form

Is your friend obsessed with using TBT on social media a lot? And you are still under the process of thinking about the meaning of TBT? Well, this write-up is the right way to clear your confusion for the same. Read on:

The Full Form of TBT

People commonly use TBT as the trend of hashtags with their posts on social media; it stands for Throwback Thursday. This simply means you can post any old events or memories that happened on a Thursday. All you need to do is post your picture with TBT followed by a caption, and you are  too cool to be.

Definition of TBT

Talking about recent times, TBT is widely used slang or acronym on social media. Globally, people use this slang/acronym to call up some fantastic memories from their past spent years. This means we use Throwback Thursday or TBT to explain anything that has happened already years ago or a few times. Thus, you do remember your favorite memories of Thursday.

TBT – The Working

There are no such restrictions, anyone can participate in using TBT on social media. The trend is popular across all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your TBT post can have the contents of the event/memories of last past years or days back There is NO time limit or restriction at all. It is known as one of the exciting things that can be done in your leisure time and also, an excellent excuse to post more and more photos.

TBT – The Origin

You won’t believe that the origin of Throwback Thursday was originated far much before the origin of Instagram and other social sites. TBT got a place in the Urban Dictionary in the year 2003. Before 2011, people started calling it a Retro Theme. Though, TBT gained much love and popularity, especially after the coming of Instagram in November 2011.

In Which Format you can use TBT?

There are many ways wherein you can use TBT. The meaning is the same for all formats; the implication behind using TBT is to recall back your Thursday memories. Also, you can checkout the following standard formats:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Text
  • Audio

What can be Posted on TBT?

You don’t need to be an expert or have millions of followers to get on the TBT trend. All you need to figure out an interesting post from the past and make the caption as Throwback, TBT, or Throwback Thursday. You can check some of the ideas for the same. Here:

  • Using old photos of your childhood
  • Screenshots of your old Facebook memory
  • Using old songs to fetch out the past
  • Perfect moments with your pets
  • Remembering some ridiculous TV shows or movies
  • Sharing memories of your old bedroom or the making of your house
  • Your vacations photos
  • Your playing with friends as a kid
  • Any crazy celebration with your family such as Diwali celebration, Christmas, Holi or Halloween

From Thursday Throwback to Friday Flashback

There are some users on social media that may not be so satisfied with one day a week. Therefore, they end up extending it to Friday too – Flashback Friday which is similar to Throwback Thursday.

TBT Hashtag – The Variations

TBT is one of the commonly used slangs on social media, especially:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

TBT Meaning – On Text

You might find TBT on the text as well. In texting, the meaning is quite different, here:

  • Truth Be Told
  • Thanks but No thanks
  • Taco Bell Time
  • Today’s Big Thing
  • Turn Back Time

Benefits of Using TBT on Social Media


  • Increase Audience
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve your Brand Awareness
  • An Excellent Opportunity for Advertisements
  • Give Fam to a New Product

The Final Note:

Hashtags are quite exciting and funny things you can do on social media. We hope to clear all your confusions and queries regarding the meaning of TBT. Now, it’s your turn to use this slang on your post(s). Do share your experience.

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