What is a Baby Shower and how to organize it?

What is a Baby Shower and how to organize it?

First of all, if you hold an invitation for a baby shower party in your hands, it means that a friend, relative, business colleague or acquaintance, is pregnant and will soon give birth to a wonderful little baby. Before this happens, however, it is traditional, to organize an event to celebrate mum and celebrate a happy moment. The mother and her baby bump are therefore the protagonists of this traditional celebration all with a baby theme: ultimately a blaze of joy dedicated to pregnancy and the world of children!

Usually, this convivial moment is planned around the eighth month when the pregnancy is progressing well, you can dedicate yourself entirely to the arrival of the baby, you are on maternity leave and you start thinking about the entire necessary layette. The baby shower is also a good opportunity to spend some time together with friends, give some good advice and reassure the future mother that she is certainly experiencing a load of not indifferent emotions, even more so if it is the first pregnancy. Ultimately a moment of sharing in which you perceive a beautiful synergy between women that can be important and supportive even after the birth of the baby.

How does a baby shower work?

It all starts with a themed invitation card, for example, a postcard in the shape of a bottle, diaper or dress, where the day and place are indicated. The baby shower invitation card is different based on the gender of the unborn child and the party revolves around the theme and colors chosen by the future mother.

Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail to celebrate mom and baby. So go ahead for balloons, flags, and colored ribbons, saucers and glasses, baby countdown frame, sweets and pretzels of all kinds, perhaps even with an eye to those who follow a gluten-free diet and those who are vegan. The baby bump cake is part of the indispensable gastronomic baby shower ideas: the cake design experts know how to make it very well on their own, but it can also be ordered in the pastry shop.

Very often, friends also agree to organize baby shower games to spend the day in a fun way. For the youngest and most technological online there are versions of the pregnant mother game that will trigger general hilarity and laughter. What should not be missing on this occasion is a healthy dose of joy combined with the many positive emotions awaiting the sweet event!

Baby shower: gift ideas for the future mom

Obviously the guests do not show up empty-handed, on the contrary, this occasion is a shower of gifts for the little one and for his mother. It is therefore important to know how to choose the right gift starting from the baby shower card to say future mother’s wishes! But what are the best baby shower gifts that are useful and original at the same time? A baby countdown frame will undoubtedly surprise the expectant mother, from the most original and extravagant ones to the classic gifts perfect for those who want to be on the safe side.

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