What Is The Right Pitch Dress Code?

When the size of your startup business starts increasing, you have to deal with so much stuff that you are least concerned about the dress code for our startup pitch deck. Shall you underdress or overdress for an upcoming meeting with an investor? The answer to this question depends on your baseline. 

Being overdressed sends a message that you are so desperate to impress your investors that you are not even portraying your real self. You will sound unauthentic and not comfortable with yourself. 

Being underdressed sends a message that you are lazy and neither taking the investors nor meeting seriously. 

Your dress code creates a business character required at the time of delivering a startup pitch deck.  

Avoid underdressing if the chat is quite normal. Your appearance compensates a little in this situation. Being dressed well creates a distortion field for you if you are a smooth talker but not a bright one. However, no matter what the situation is, you cannot look like a hobo. Some investors don’t think much about how you are dressed but keep in mind that you can’t afford to look ignorant. Your appearance should not look like negligence as this can create issues. You can’t wear shoes. Being overdressed can also be just weird.

Be Authentic 

Don’t go wrong with the following if you are looking for a safe uniform:

  • A shirt with collar, khakis and normal brown shoes.
  • Blue blazer, white collared shirt, dark jeans and normal black/brown shoes. 

Here being authentic means being true to you and this is what investors are expecting. Choose a dress code that gives you credibility. 

Imagine that you are a young developer. Wearing a suit might take a toll on your credibility. You can wear a cool T-shirt featuring your logo on it. You can wear a sports coat to sell your enterprise software. A t-shirt and jeans will not look authentic if you are an old fart. 

There can be some expectations depending on the category of your startup. 


You should dress like you are going to meet GQ. stop short of a ballroom gown if you are a female.  


You can wear suit trousers and a white button down shirt.  


You can wear a cool T-shirt and non-ripped jeans.    


Dress like a banker and wear a tie if it makes you look authentic.   


You can slip into a shirt and jeans.


Show a few muscles in your khakis and a tight under armor shirt. 


You can dress up in a Reddit t-shirt and non-riped jeans. 

Your age can also be an interesting factor: 


Investors are most likely to expect you in a casual outfit if you are in your early 20s. Appearing dapper can be authentic if you are a bit aristo. 


It is normal to wear a more formal dress when you at least look old.


There are plenty of free and premium startup pitch deck templates available online. However, whether your startup pitch deck will gain something for you or not, this depends on how you are presenting yourself and your potential.     

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