Why is local SEO so important for home service businesses?

local seo

We know that Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors to improving a business online ranking. Organic and Local SEO should be the foundation of any digital marketing strategy.  That’s probably because SEO boosts the business organically rather than using paid media (google and facebook ads). However, doing so takes time, patience and a certain skill set. It’s not easy but should never be overlooked. Local SEO done right will provide you with the basis of your online presence.

We need to have a good idea of what exactly local SEO (search engine optimization) is to understand how to implement a successful strategy.  Search engine optimization helps you rank higher in google and other search engines, which improves your lead flow and boosts your sales. Hence, once people visit your store, call you or interact with you, you have a clear opportunity to earn repetitive business from those customers.

What is Local SEO and Its Importance?

Local SEO aims to ensure that your business gets found on search engines like google and bing easily when people search in their respective locations. The primary purpose of the local SEO is to increase the visibility of your business by boosting your local rankings. The Google “3 Pack” is a perfect example of local search optimization. The “3 Pack” can be found on the first page of Google below the paid ads and above organic search engine results. Having your business listed in the “3 pack’ is invaluable to local businesses that rely on the local market for customers and revenue. Many people are confused between organic SEO and local SEO. The keywords and location are what differentiate the two.

7 Benefits Of Including Local SEO in Your Business

Below are seven exclusive benefits of considering Local SEO when defining your digital marketing strategy for any local or home service business. Check out the benefits and  you will make smarter, long-term decisions for your business. These tips can be used by both startups and established companies and when combined will produce optimal results.

  1. Local SEO helps build brand awareness by increasing the visibility of your business services on different search engines.
  2. An incremental local ranking improvement at your local store or service business is directly proportional to greater local visibilities. More local visibility will generate more leads and customers resulting in more profits.
  3. Optimizing your local business website with correct search engine optimization techniques drives targeted traffic for your business. Your local business profile provides opportunities to define your unique brand and define product and service offerings.
  4. “Google My Business” optimization helps increase google maps visibility, making it easier for customers to reach for your services.
  5. Local SEO and visible listings in local search results allows you to showcase your business’s customers reviews.
  6. Answering people’s questions via email and online will also help improve your rankings online and help in earning greater trust with potential clients.
  7. Local SEO marketing for service business marketing can help in reaching the local three-pack. The three groups put your business in the most prominent space above all the local listings.


If your business has a physical location, the best option to optimize your local presence is a local SEO Consultant like goatlantaseo.com. It’s affordable, cheap, and will help get your business found for more local business opportunities. Why fall behind in the competition? Put your company in a position to succeed. This will help your business stand out of the crowd and showcase what makes you the best option for customers searching  local products and services.

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