Workplace Health: How to Improve Your Health with Weight-Loss Contest

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Employees who are in the pink of health are real company treasures. In the general sense, wellness has long been identified as a major factor that can make someone an asset for their company. Beneficial to what these business corporations are looking forward to, the positive effects as the bottom line of such programs can transform these employees to become in the best of their health. The activities enclosed in such weight-loss plans serves as a crucial variable for the company’s success as a whole. Because of that, competitions about getting back into shape were upgraded into a trending subject in most workplaces.

What are the notable benefits of participating in a weight-loss challenge at work? Excluding the apparent thing of being back on one’s feet that a disciplined employee can gain in the process, some of the most interesting advantages of taking the dare are:

  • Better staff relationships as colleagues – Because of the various fitness activities which are included to complete this kind of program, employees can have a dual opportunity of attaining the participants’ wellness goals and also to catch up with one another in a repeated basis. Such achievements can become an effective motivation for them.
  • Assured great productivity for the company – Next to colleagues’ newly built solidarity is the interest of the involved business corporations. First benefit is better communication between employees that eliminates chances of conflicts due to small misunderstandings and therefore leading to an outstanding productivity rate.
  • Secured rate of income every payday – While for the employees, lesser absentee rate tops all other benefits of which they can get upon engaging in the said fitness activities. Because of a better health condition, they can avoid a lot of sickness and eventually, can afford to complete their attendance concerning work. Plus, employees can save some amount of money too.

Meanwhile, below are the steps that any interested company can depend on with their full trust and confidence prior to starting a new attention-grabbing advocacy of creating a healthy cluster of employees. Included in its list and subsequently expounded are:

  • Calling a meeting to comprehensively inform all of the company’s employees is good because it is the best way to tell everyone in the workplace about the said plan. With that, people who will lead weight-loss programs in their office can be assured that they already get the vote of the employees’ heart. By being able to convince them to join, their dedication can be expected.
  • Referring only to trusted researches about weight-loss programs is necessary to secure the efficacy of this kind of program. These programs may include the use of the gym, martial arts classes, swimming classes (just make sure everyone’s wearing the proper attire: swimwear, printed swimming cap, goggles).
  • Creating and finalizing the whole inclusions and schedule of activities with the employees is also important because by including those in the core procedure will give them a turn towards the feel of being not left out. Employees need to feel that they are not obliged to do all of the associated fitness activities because of the fact that they are employed in the company. They need to feel free to enjoy.
  • Giving some rewards from time to time to motivate the participating employees is an effective strategy to keep them on track. Same with having cheat days, employees also need to receive some refreshments in forms of simple incentives such as a small amount of cash or a useful gift to make them continuously eager to finally be fit.

A successful weight-loss competition in the office does not only involve hitting records on the fast swimming lap, having the best-looking printed swimming cap, gaining muscle mass, or losing fat but should also benefit the triangle of health consisting of three major divisions which are the physical, mental and social aspects of the employees who chooses to participate. Wellness and efficiency is, indeed, two correlated and necessary things that are needed to be sealed off by any enthusiastic employee.

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