Advantages using a water purifier and removal of contaminants

water purifier

Today, many people install water purifiers in their homes. The drinking water or the water from the rivers gets contaminated easily due to the problem of pollution. The water contains many types of germs, hard particles, chemicals and other dirty particles. All these particles cannot be removed by merely boiling water. By boiling water some of the germs such as bacteria can be killed, but the hard particles cannot be extracted. By merely filtering the chemicals or the germs cannot be removed. But by using a water purifier almost every type of germ or particle is removed. The minerals present in the water do not get drained. So, the water from the purifier is absolutely fit for drinking.

People should not drink contaminated water because they can fall sick and suffer from different problems such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc. The water purifier extracts almost all types of contaminants such as bacteria and drains substances such as mercury also. People can drink crystal clear water if they buy purifiers. So, people can buy the water purifiers that are most suitable   to them. They are available in different brands and models.

If people buy water softener, they can enjoy the following advantages.

Chlorine removal

Due to chemical treatment, the water gets purified and the germs get drained away, but the chlorine is not drained. So, they experience different types of cardiovascular problems and other respiratory problems such as asthma, congestion etc. So, the water purifier removes the chlorine content also and prevents different types of problems.

Better taste

The water that is purified by other methods usually tastes bitter, but purifies improves the taste of the water. The minerals present in the water do not get drained.

Time-savings and cost-effective

The user need not spend time boiling the water and does not waste any deplete any resources such as cylinder.

How it filters the dirty particles?

This purifier is used for domestic and commercial use. It contains reverse osmosis system that filters all the contaminants in the water and purifies the water. It has some special features that can retain the minerals and nutrients and yet filter the sediments or dirty particles that are unwanted. It does not only purify the water but also filters the water through the process of demineralization membrane. So, the mineral that is released is acquired again including the salts. So, the taste of the water is normal. The water becomes alkaline.

Stages of water purification

The water purifier performs 9 stages to purify the water. The water is not wasted when it undergoes the process of purification.  It also undergoes the demineralization process to reacquire the lost minerals. It performs the process of UV treatment to kill more than 99% of the germs. So, the disease-causing germs in the water are drained away.

Different types of water purifiers to different people

The purifier can be installed easily and the user need not waste his energy to maintain the system. The suppliers usually provide 5-year guarantee. This water purifier is highly recommended to people who use water from sources such as wells.

Some people use Artesian RO system also, but the people should dwell in the area that contains lo-water pressure. As it contains the system of demineralization, the acidic taste of the water gets drained. But this system does not contain the permeate pump and the water gets wasted easily. So, the people living in the area with adequate water should only use it. It undergoes 7 stages of filtration and purification.

Different water purifiers are available that perform different stages of water purification process. Some RO water purifiers perform 5 stages for purification. This type of purifier can be used by people who live in the areas with high water pressure.

The contaminants removed from the water

Many people install aquagurard to their homes. The water purifiers usually perform the three main stages of purification. In the first stage, the suspended particles such as dust or mud are drained away. In the second stage, the foul smell, pesticides, and other substances that form bad odor are drained away. The VOC particles are absorbed. Then, in the next stage, the germs such as bacteria, virus, or other protozoa causing organisms are killed. They use the UV method for filtration.  The water is boiled for 20 minutes and many types of germs are killed in the process. During this process, chemicals are not used and the essential minerals remain in the water.

The process of aqua guard installation is simple and it can be fixed by a technician.   The UV technology is suitable for the people who live in regions with hard water. The thin composite membrane processes the water and by using this system, the salts and minerals that are dissolved can be processed. So, the dissolved minerals such as iron, mercury, arsenic, fluoride also get drained away.

So, by using the technology all types of chemical, biological and physical contaminants get drained away. So, the users do not experience any type of waterborne diseases. So, many people use purifiers that employ two types of technologies namely UV and RO technologies.

The water purifier uses the semi-permeable membrane that purifies the water using high pressure. They gather the impurities such as sediments, toxins or chemicals that are present in the water. Hence, they provide pure and clean water to the users. This water is just safe for drinking because the water is purified using UV technology. They also maintain the essential minerals that are present in the water. So, they do not remove the essential minerals that are present in the water. The RO water purifier contains TDS controllers and hence the minerals that are present in the water do not get drained. The TDS controllers that are present in the water adjust the TDS level in the water. The control the level of Total Dissolved Salts. The purification stage is divided into two stages.

The water passes to the RO membrane and then it undergoes the purification process. This water is safe for drinking and not for consumption. This water is always good for health.


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