Cosmetics Enhance the Looks of a Person

Cosmetic suppliers

Cosmetics are the products applied by humans to look attractive and make the appearance attractive. The cosmetics are available in different forms. There is a wide range of cosmetics in the market. They include face wash, face makeup kit, facial kit, hair shampoos, gels, and conditioner. The perfumes and deodorants also are part of cosmetics. Facial makeup includes the Primer, concealer, foundation, blush on, face powder, mascara, false eyelashes, eyeliners, Kajal pencils, eye shadows, highlighters, lipsticks, lip liner, lip gloss.

Cosmetic suppliers supply the cosmetics to the retailers and wholesalers. These suppliers themselves are not aware of the harmful effects of these cosmetics. The cosmetics have phthalates that are used as solvents in various hair products, skin lotions, and nail polish and nail hardeners. This chemical is used in the calculated quantity. Care is taken that these chemicals don’t harm the skin of people. The customers who confide in these products should be assured that they are using safe products. If these products are sold under a brand name people take a second to buy them. They keep in mind that those products are safe. Talcum powders are used to keep that odor away in the summer season. The powders contain harmless chemicals. These chemicals are never exceeding the required limit. They keep in mind the health of people in mind while making them. Asthma patients should refrain from using such products.

Formaldehyde found in hair shampoos and nail polish is harmless when used in the required amount. Lead acetate is usually found in lipstick and nowadays the lipsticks are harmless if eaten. Coal tar is a known carcinogen that is used in the treatment of psoriasis and dandruff. They are found in coloring dyes.

 Cosmetic product suppliers should mention the name of chemicals used in the product and its percentage. This would be helpful for the person who uses it the products used on kids should be very safe. Triclosan is used as an anti preservative and has anti-bacterial properties. Resorcinol an antiseptic and disinfectant is used in the treatment of acne, psoriasis, and warts.

 Thus one should be very careful while using these products. In a race to look attractive don’t pose a danger to your life. One should carefully survey the product online or consult the doctor before using it. There are so many options in the market that use the safest ones. Please don’t follow the celebrities as they don’t use those products themselves. The celebrities advertising for soap does not use it as nobody uses soap these days.

Each and every individual is different and has a different skin type so they should first examine the skin and use the product. Prevention is better than cure. Prevent those cosmetics as they are not natural. Love your natural beauty and take good care of it. Use more natural products that are safe. Use your brains, read the warnings on the product and thus save yourself. Apply the product for and remove it, don’t let it remain overnight on your skin as it is harmful.

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