The extra wooden table not in use – Here’s how to clean and maintain it

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Every homeowner buys new home décor items from time to time! Selling old furniture, chair, and shelves is always not a viable option. It is essential to get the correct price for the same. That aside, some homeowners want to retain their old furniture and use the same in turns.

So, do you have an extra study or drawing room wooden table? If yes, then you need to pack it and store it correctly. That isn’t all! It is also essential to clean and maintain the same, else the wood can rot, and you will lose out on valuable furniture. Discussed below are a few critical tips to consider:

  • Make sure to dust it well

A wooden table is a timeless furniture piece. Hence, it is necessary to take it out from the storeroom and dust it properly. You can also stack it at a room corner. But make sure to use a dry, soft cotton cloth for wiping all the dust from the table. It’s always good to clean the table on a bi-monthly basis as well as the area around it, other than the regular cleaning. That way, you can minimize dust accumulation.

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  • Try and reduce the sunlight exposure

It’s not a smart call to expose the wooden table directly into the sunlight for extended hours! The bright sunlight and its harsh UV rays might lead to “spotting,” which can lead to dark spots that can show up all over the table. So, if you find direct sunlight through the window, make sure to cover the table with a cloth. 

  • Invest in table covers

The air carries dust particles with it round the clock. Hence, once you’ve cleaned the wooden table, there must be less dust accumulating on the surface. Else, there might be scratches and stains from dust particles and debris accumulation. For this, it is essential to opt-in for the fitted table covers. These covers get made of high-end fabric that covers the table from one corner to the other. Since the covers have a snug fit, the chances of dust gathering on the surface are very less. You can choose from the best polyester fabrics. Furthermore, the covers are available in myriad colors that complete your wall paint and room décor. 

  • Take time to wax and oil

You need to schedule a routine to wax and oil the wood. It provides a shiny varnish. It further adds a secure layer that acts as a coating on top of the table to add a spark to its appearance. It’s best to repeat the process once or twice every three months. It will add more life to your wooden table and also add to its texture sheen.

  • Clean using warm water

Make sure to use mild dish soap and warm water for cleaning the furniture. Don’t keep it soaked for a long time. Clean it till such time the dust wears off completely. You can wipe off the residual moisture using a dry cloth. 

Using these simple tips, you can keep the extra wooden table clean, well-maintained, and free from dust particles.

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