Tips to Choose an Ideal Shopping Bag To Represent Your Business

Custom grocery bags

As a business owner, you are in the best position to select a perfect shopping bag that is capable of represent your brand. Shopping or carry bag choice seems minor decision but it is crucial because businesses need to have a competitive edge for growth. 

Conferences, trade fairs, and social media campaigns are all the different techniques included in the marketing plan. Handing personalized grocery bags is a proven way of making a huge impact on your existing and prospective customers. 

Custom grocery bags speak volumes about your brand quality and professionalism. Below are some tips to choose the right shopping bag that will signify as your brand ambassador.

Which is the perfect bag for your product?

There are many options including plastic shopping bags, laminate gift bags, reusable non-woven bags, or recyclable polypropylene grocery bags. For considering bag type consider –

  • Product’s weight and size 
  • Bags durability and strength 
  • Is product sensitive or personal? [e.g. pharmacies can opt for white Kraft bags to conceal sensitive contents]
  • Temperature [e.g. fresh produce stores and flower shops need water-proof or food-grade bags]

What suits your customers?

From the customer’s perspective functionality is the major criterion, while choosing an ideal shopping bag.

  • For high volume transactions conducted within a short period needs affordable shopping bags.
  • Grocery bag design has to be simple allowing customers and staff to quickly pack their merchandise. It has to cater to different sizes and weights.
  • Geographic and climatic conditions need special shopping bags for convenience to carry around. 
  • Details like strong handles or soft rope suitable to the size, shape, and product also need to be considered.

How can shopping bags support your marketing campaign?

You can look for different kinds of reusable shopping bags on Below are some tips to brand your eco-friendly bags. 

  • Match the tote bag or wine bag to your brand’s color theme.
  • Select the right bag to repeatedly promote the company logo or image.
  • While choosing the right bag, the price must not be the decisive factor. Think about your business image that gets revealed from the chosen bag. The custom tote bag will be a connection between your product, company, and customer. 
  • Non-woven reusable grocery bags deliver a long-term promotional message because the material lasts long. It gets used repeatedly, which offers wide exposure.
  • Choose an exclusive shopping bag that can be distinguished from afar.
  • Invest in quality shopping bags to go a long way.

Today, environmental awareness has made consumers aware of the dilemma associated with plastic bag usage. Revealing your care for the environment is good for your business even if your product is not an eco-friendly one. 

On you can buy reusable non-woven shopping bags designed from recycled material. You can recycle these bags again, so they don’t end in the landfill but get reused repeatedly. 

You can even opt for eco-friendly bags like natural jute totes, calico fabric bags, and cotton grocery bags. All these are reusable shopping bags, which can be customized with company colors and logos. 

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