8 Super Beneficial Steps to Secure Your WordPress Site

Currently, WordPress is considered to be the most significant Content Management System (CMS) available in the market.

Marketers are more comfortable using WordPress, as functionality in the WordPress website is seamless, so even a newbie can use it without much ado.

You will be surprised by the fact that 35% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

Therefore, the security of the WordPress website is the main concern for most people.

A business can be in a great loss if the WordPress website is hacked as the hackers would steal important information, send malware or just install malicious software.

A business site may also get affected by the ransomware attack or any other malicious outbreak.

If your business runs on WordPress, it is the right time for you to pay more attention to the security aspect as only a safe website can win the trust of the target audience.

You can use these beneficial tactics to secure your WordPress site. Scroll down to know more!

It is also advantageous to hire wordpress developer who not only creates the site but also considers the security of the website.

Lucrative Ways to Secure Your WordPress site

If you also want to find ways to secure your WordPress site, read the below-given pointers!

1. Two-factor Authentication

One security factor that can make a difference is the two-factor authentication which is used in the login page.

The users must address two independent elements to provide accurate login details.

The owner of the website has to decide the two of these elements.

One crucial element is the general password.

Another factor can be anything from a set of characters, secret code, Google Authenticator app, or a secret question.

An app sends the secret code to the phone and thus the user can log in to the site by using the same phone.

2. Restrict Multiple Efforts

It is normal to log in multiple times for logging in to your WordPress site.

If you are using the service more often, WordPress’s direct login is very beneficial.

However, there is also a huge chance for your site to get attacked by hackers.

If you have restricted chances for login, it will log in to the site for specific attempts and then block the site automatically when the login attempts increase.

By this method, you can also control infinite and unnecessary wrong attempts made by hackers, resulting in a more secure site.

You also use this WordPress login limit plugin to get protection against any malicious attack.

If you have installed the plugin, you can keep an eye on a number of the login attempts.

It is not necessary to install the plugin always as you can do the same by using the website.

3. Be cautious while Attaching the Account of Users

If you are using WordPress for the blogging purpose where there are multiple authors who post their blogs, then the admin personnel have to be careful while dealing with various people working on your website.

So when you want to safeguard your website, this step will make a great difference.

You can make use of Force Strong Passwords plugin to ensure that the password entered in the admin panel is secure.

It is a precautionary measure for your website, but this will also restrict multiple users who are having weak passwords.

4. It is time to Place an SSL Certificate

Most of the websites are getting benefit from Single Sockets layer, that is the SSL certificate. You can also use this.

From its inception, SSL has been used to perform some of the particular tasks such as carrying monetary transactions.

Currently, the situation has completely changed and even Google has recognized the importance of this certificate.

It means the website that has an SSL certificate tends to rank high in the Google search.

A website that has sensitive information is more benefited by an SSL certificate.

When the SSL certificate is not available, then the data between the web server and the browser will be completely a plain text.

Even hackers are able to read this information. 

So this sensitive information gets easily encrypted when it is traveled between the browser and the server when you have installed the SSL certificate.

This also helps in securing the information and make it difficult to read.

Here, the website owner has to make a payment for using the SSL certificate and accepting the sensitive information.

If you are searching for something free of cost, you can go for Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and install it on your website.

5. Keep an Eye on the Audit Logs

If you are working on multiple sites or with multiple authors in such a situation, it is important to know the activity done by the users.

There can be instances where the contributors can make changes in the passwords or they make a change in the website.

So it becomes important that such changes in the website can only be made by the admin.

Even before making any changes, the permission of the admin is required.

Make use of a plugin such as WP Security Audit Log to know about all the activities which are carried out on the website.

Above all, you can also track malicious activity by the users with the help of this plugin.

6. Timely Update of WordPress is Important

According to Sucuri, 39% of the WordPress sites that are hacked were using the outdated version.

When you want your full-fledge WordPress security, you must update your WordPress site on a timely basis.

Some of this update is also related to security.

When you update your website, you are decreasing the chance of any vulnerabilities happening on your site. Above all, the loopholes in the website can be nullified by following the security standards.

It is important to update the plugins and themes on the website. 

The themes and plugins are created by third-party developers, thus these plugins must be updated on a regular basis.

Some of the minor updates are done automatically on the WordPress site. 

You will have to manually work from the admin dashboard to consider major updates.

7. Do not Use Nulled Themes

The premium themes in WordPress are more professional in comparison to free themes.

They come up with many customizable alternatives. Here, the premium themes are developed with the assistance of skilled developers who have tested it several times.

These themes can be customized several times in case something goes wrong.

They also provide full support to bring the site to work perfectly.

Moreover, the website owner has the facility of regular theme updates.

Some websites provide nulled themes or cracked ones. Such themes are the hacked version of the actual theme and are illegally available in the market.

These themes are not recommended for your website as it comes with malicious code which can destroy the entire site.

Here, the credentials of the admin and the database are also known to the hacker. Thus, it is important to avoid this type of theme.

8. Initiate Regular Backups to Protect your Data

It is essential to keep the website safe and secure. 

You must regularly back up your site in a smart way as there is a congestion issue that occurs in numerous backups.

If you are doing a backup on a regular basis, your drive will have some clean space.


For any website, the security of WordPress plays an imperative role.

If you do not maintain the safety of your site, there are higher chances that hackers might attack your site or may steal the critical data of the website.

It is not difficult to maintain the security of the site, the best part is, the security can be integrated into your site without spending single money.

We hope with the above-given pointers, you might have got an idea of how you can strengthen the security of your site without much ado.

If you still think there is a loophole in the security of your site, you can take assistance from the best WordPress website development company. They will make use of all the security standards and give an exceptional result and help you to make a more robust website.

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