How to Make Sure Your Christmas tree Remains in Good Condition Year After Year

Christmas tree storage bag

If you are considering buying an artificial Christmas tree, then you need to keep on using it for quite a few years for your action to environmentally friendlier than buying a real tree. According to, experts estimate this period to be around 10 years. This makes it very important for you to make sure it remains in very good condition for this time. Some useful tips:

Dissemble With Care

You should remove all the tree decorations and unplug the fairy light from the mains before starting the process of dissembling. You should then unstring all the lights and wind it on a reel to prevent them from tangling. If you take the effort of replacing the burned-out bulbs at this point in time, you will have an easy time the next time you set up the tree. If the tree is pre-lit, you need to be careful and detach the electrical connections between the sections. Starting from the topmost branch, compress all the branches and tie a ribbon on each of the sections to prevent the branches from springing out again.

Get the Right Bag for the Tree

There is a bewildering choice of storage bags for Christmas trees so you need to be careful and pick the one that is the most suitable. The size of the tree is the most important considerations. If the tree can be dismantled, you can use a smaller bag. If you want to keep the tree intact and in an upright position, you can buy a bag that has wheels. If you are considering buying one, get one, which is of the right size and made from a strong but breathable material with reinforced handles that permit easy handling. Avoid the tendency to buy a Christmas tree storage bag that is waterproof because they promote the development of mold and mildew as well as a musty smell. The bad odor development can, however, be easily prevented by chucking in a pouch of baking soda or even raw coffee grounds.

Storing the Tree

Do not just take the tree sections and chuck them into a bag. You may find it helpful to label the sections in their correct order and position them accordingly in the bag so that when you have to fit them together the next time, the job will be painless. It may be better to carry the sections to the place where the bag will be stored instead of placing them in the bag and trying to lift it after it has become heavy. Zip up the bag securely to keep dust and insects out.One of the most important factors in preserving an artificial Christmas tree for long periods is that it should be stored in a cool dry place in a storage bag meant specifically for that purpose.

Conclusion: Consider Storing the Xmas Tree Vertically

In the case, you are thinking in terms of storing all your holiday decorations including the Christmas tree in a closet, it is best to make the most of the closet’s vertical height. You could consider attaching a Stand Storage Bag to the tree even before decorations are initiated. The bag should be rolling up and could be hidden under the tree skirt throughout the season. Once Christmas is over, you could cover the tree with the bag and store for the next season.

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